Enola Gay Dropped the Bomb

On August Sixth 1945
Little Boy was dropped and many died
No one in Hiroshima recalled hearing any noise
All the buildings started falling down
This atomic bomb saved the lives of many GI’s

160,000 people did survive
The blast travelled far and wide
Nuclear weapons are not toys
Temperatures reached several million ℃ in the town
A mushroom cloud rose into the skies

Before the blast 300,000 people were alive
The bomb exploded there was no place to hide
Skin started melting wrecking the delicate poise
The smell of burning flesh is enough to make anyone frown
Radiation in their eyes, cries of the wise no surprise

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Saturday Mix Lucky Dip hosted by weejars aka Sarah where she reached into her mystery bag and pulled out a Rimas Dissolutas Poem.

13 thoughts on “Enola Gay Dropped the Bomb

    1. I like rhyming poems, but this one is difficult as it has an a, b, c, d and e rhyming pattern that is repeated over three verses. I wrote the first verse and then I looked for words that would rhyme with “1945”, “died”, “”noise”, “down” and “GI’s”. It was kind of fun to write the last two verses.

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  1. This is one of those situations that is the worst of the worst but also appeared to be what was needed to shorten the war. It’s a real shame that warmongers need such extremes to stand down. A lesson the collective we should have learned something from 😦 Good job on the form, Jim. It was challenging to write but also fun for me.

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