Find Out What it is All About

1. What was Paul Revere famous for?
He made stuff from silver.

2. Why is midnight known as “the witching hour”?
This is because only harlots and witches were out on the streets at this time and nobody wanted to admit to being a harlot.

3. What supposedly happens, according to legend, at midnight between Christmas Eve and Christmas Day?
Time to open the presents.

4. Why did Patsy Cline go “Walking After Midnight”?
That is the best time to hear the night winds whisper.

5. Why is midnight represented as 00:00 rather than 24:00 in military (24-hour) notation?
That is so you are ready for the next second to be 00:01.

6. Why is noon so named?
Time is crazy and originally before we had clocks, the day started at 6AM. Noon comes from a Latin word that means nine and the ninth hour was actually three o’clock in the afternoon. I hope that this cleared everything up for you.

7. In westerns, what traditionally happens at high noon?
This is when all the artists gather in the streets to draw, except the trapeze artists.

8. What exactly is the difference between “noon” and “high noon”?
Noon only lasts for a second, unless you are high and then time is spaced out more.

9. What’s so special about “the noonday sun”?
Time for lunch.

10. What can you supposedly do at noon on the spring equinox that you supposedly can’t do any other time of year?
Stand on your head for 5 minutes.

Written for PC Guy’s Fibbing Friday.

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