My Resignation

Please accept this letter as formal notification that I am resigning from my position as State Department Inspector General.  My last day will be Friday, June 12.

I was going to retire next year anyway, but Trump’s latest firing of the Inspector General has become a national scandal, so I am leaving now because these continuous attacks from the President on internal government oversight has me sick to my stomach.  He is acting like Hitler and the spineless Republicans just follow blindly along with everything he says or does.  State Department Inspector General Steve Linick opened an investigation into Secretary of State Mike Pompeo for possible misuse of a political appointee at the State Department to perform personal tasks for Pompeo and his wife.  Linick played a minor role in the president’s impeachment proceedings, but in this instance he was only doing the job that he was hired to do, as an Inspector General of the Department of State heads the Office of the Inspector General of the Department of State and they are responsible for detecting and investigating waste, fraud, abuse, and mismanagement in the United States Department of State.

Trump is again challenging the established norms of American government in his push to rid the federal bureaucracy of officials that he considers insufficiently loyal to or protective of him and his administration.  Inspectors general serve as internal government watchdogs conducting oversight of federal agencies and their independence has long been protected.  Trump has now fired multiple inspectors general following his Senate acquittal in early February, including the late-Friday dismissal of the intelligence community watchdog Michael Atkinson, who told Congress about the whistleblower complaint that kick-started the impeachment process.

It seems like Trump is never-too-busy to tweet, even while 90,000 Americans are dying due to his mismanagement of the coronavirus, and he got his cronies (AG William Barr) to drop the criminal case against his former advisor Michael Flynn and now he alone has started Obamagate insisting that this is the biggest political crime in American history.  He has not explained what this crime is, but he did say that it should be obvious to everyone.  Trump denies and lies and he has been downplaying the danger of the coronavirus and its potential to spread and he will say anything to stay in office.

I can’t in all good conscience continue to work in this weird, bizarro-world where Trump does what ever he wants and nobody seems to care that our country has become a dictatorship instead of a democracy.  I’ll do everything possible to wrap up my duties, but I feel bad for the country as it will be impossible to attempt to train another team member to take over my duties and this country is going to hell in a hand basket.  Please let me know if there’s anything else that I can do to help out with during this transition.

I wish the country continued success, and I hope that Trump gets voted out of office and is convicted for dragging this country down the way he has done.


Ignatius Gibbons Inspector General

Written for Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #66.

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  1. Is this really fiction? Hmmmm? I think you nailed this pretty darn good Jim! I don’t spend a great deal of time talking about politics on my blog because it pisses me off. Until last December, I was a registered Republican since I turned 18 and voted for Ronald Reagan. I have never been right-winged and have always voted who I thought was best at doing the job…whichever elected position it was. I changed and now I’m a Democrat because I couldn’t consciously move forward with dumbass in the White House. I’m glad I’m not in the military right now because I would have a hard time obeying orders. It’s hard to respect anything or anyone when the top of the orders come down from the likes of Trump and his cronies. Thanks for getting me fired up! 🙂 LOL!

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    1. Thanks Lisa. I think that having served in the military should be a requirement for anyone who wants to become the president. Trump avoided the military draft 5 times, but this was common for young men from influential families to do this during the Vietnam War. He claimed “heel spurs,” which are protrusions caused by calcium buildup on the heel bone, made him unfit for service.

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  2. I absolutely agree that one of those boxes in the prerequisite for President of the United States should be a military veteran. I’ve always thought that. I also think the draft age needs to be 21 or put the drinking age back to 18. It makes no sense to me why you can order an individual to go fight for our country, but… OH, by the way…you can’t drink! Heel spurs….he gives me heel spurs when I hear him on TV. I have to change the channel. It’s just too much!

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  3. Jim, you outdid yourself on this one. What a truly excellent, articulate post this is. If it weren’t for social distancing, I’d give you a big hug. 🤗

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  4. Best line I’ve seen this week : “Even on Gilligan’s Island, they knew to listen to the professor, not the millionaire.”
    I’m almost at the point where nothing surprises me at all about Washington. I think I literally wouldn’t be surprised if Trump pulled out a gun and shot a reporter who asked a tough question… and his core 38% base would still make excuses and stick his name on their pickup trucks.

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