The Golden Ball

The Princess could hear the bullfrog callin’ her, and she wondered if her rope swing was still hangin’ to the tree, so she went down to the Green River.  She was playing with her golden ball when this pesky dragon fly landed on her head.  Despite having six legs like any other insect, dragonflies actually cannot walk, as they use their legs for grabbing and perching, so this bug was getting stuck in her hair.  The Princess waved her hands around and said, “Shoo fly, dragon fly, get back to your mother”, and Jeremiah saw her frustration, so he jumped up and swallowed the dragon fly and said, “Your welcome” to the Princess.  The Princess said, “Now I have seen it all, a talking frog, who would have thought that there was such a thing.”

Jeremiah said, “Pick up a flat rock, and skip it across the Green River and I will fetch it and bring it back to you, and you will see that I make the perfect pet.”  The Princess bent down and picked up a suitable rock, but as she was doing this, her golden ball got away from her and she said, “Go get my ball, I will do anything for you if you bring it back to me.”  Jeremiah leaped into the river and swam as fast as he could to retrieve the golden ball.  The princess was very happy to have her golden ball back and she said, “You can be my special pet, if you tell me your story.”

Jeremiah told the princess that he used to be a handsome Prince and that he became a bullfrog, after he loved one too many ladies, as one day he kissed the wrong girl.  He took this one girl into the swamp and they were getting it on when this ugly woman came by and started watching them.  Jeremiah insulted the woman by calling her an old hag, not knowing that she was a witch, so she transformed him into a frog.  The princess told the frog, “If I had a dollar for every frog that told me that he was a prince, I would be rich, but I will take you home with me because I am involved in a prearranged marriage that I don’t want to go through with.”

The Princess told the frog that her betrothed was coming over later and she really wanted to break up with him, so Jeremiah said, “When he gets here, you should kiss me and then he won’t want to ever be with you again.”  She thought that was a good idea, so when the person that she was engaged to came by she told him, “Watch this” and she kissed the frog on his lips.  Her fiancé screamed, “Gross” and he ran away.  After the Princess kissed the frog Jeremiah turned back into a Prince, they got married and had a pleasant life together for a while.  The Princess eventually became frustrated because the Prince was always sticking out his tongue and hopping on the furniture, and Princess said, “You can take the frog out of the pond, but you can’t take the pond out of the frog.”

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Tale Weaver #275 – Fairytale – The Frog Prince hosted by Michael.

13 thoughts on “The Golden Ball

  1. Jeremiah was a bullfrog and I recall it well what with so much repetitious ‘joy to the world’ and having to live forever with that mantle over his head. Thanks as always for a great contribution this week Jim. Hope you are doing ok and keeping your distance.

    Liked by 1 person

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