Behind the Green Door

I was swimming in a cove that was well hidden by the majestic mangroves and I was very happy, because I got this great deal on a travel package to this tropical island.  It was 80% off the normal price, since nobody was traveling due to the coronavirus.  It was too good to pass up, as it was a lavish resort, far away from the beaten path, hidden in the mangroves and it was given a high rank from Island Magazine.  The resort workers were fun, friendly, outgoing, hardworking, and pedantic about everyone having a good time and enjoying themselves.  I told the recreation manager that I had never been to a nude beach before and I wanted to know if he could inform me of any rules that I should follow.  He said that as long as I was not leering at everyone, that I should be fine.  He said it would be best for me to try and control my eye-contact with anyone who I get into a conversation with, as when someone is totally exposed, they still need to be able to keep their dignity.

I asked the recreation manager how long he has been working here and he said that he has been here ever since he got out of prison.  I asked him if he was a guard in the prison and he told me that he was a prisoner. He said that he was convicted for being in the sex trade business, but all he did was work as the doorman.  People would come into the establishment and tell him what they were looking for and he would take their money and tell them what door to go through to get what they wanted and that was his only involvement with the clients.

Written for Sheryl’s Daily Word Prompt – Lavish, for the Daily Spur prompt – Swimming, for FOWC with Fandango – Rank, for May Writing Prompts – Hidden in the mangroves, for Ragtag Community – Pedantic, for Di’s Three Things Challenge prompt words – Prisoner Travel Deal, for GC and Sue W Weekly Prompts – The door where we are asked to write about a door, determine if there is there a mystery lurking or say where it leads and what could be hiding beyond it and for Word of the Day Challenge Prompt – Contact.

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