Resuming My Life

It is not surprising that these disturbing projections are fine with our president, as all he seems to be concerned about is staying in office.  The coronavirus task force being dismantled or even just winding down is unsettling to me, but for the Trump administration, this is a way of giving himself a pat on the back for a job well done and a chance for him to use more superlatives about the tremendous progress that he feels that he has made.  55% of Americans say that the federal government has done a poor job preventing the spread of the coronavirus, which causes the disease Covid-19.  A majority 55% of Americans also feel that President Donald Trump could be doing more to fight the outbreak, and 52% disapprove of the job that he has done in handling the pandemic.

In the pre-pandemic days, I had no idea what am N 2.5 mask filter was and I used to think that it was odd seeing all of the Orientals wearing them when I watched the news on TV.  Now I own several of these masks, I know how to wash them, and how and when to replace the filters.  I even have a face cover that I can wear to go over the masks, hey you can’t be too safe these days.  Although supplies for testing the coronavirus are increasing, it is difficult to find a place to get tested and it isn’t available for everyone right now.

I got sick back on February 25th this year, I had an awful cough, but I did not have the shortness of breath or difficulty breathing that is supposed to be one of the symptoms.  Covid-19 affects different people in different ways.  Infected people can have had a wide range of symptoms going from mild symptoms to severe illness.  I had some muscle pain, a slight fever and a nasty sore throat, but I did not have chills, repeated shaking with chills, headaches or new loss of taste or smell.  I was ill for about two weeks and I think that it was Covid-19, but I never got tested for it.  My doctor treated me for the flu, but when I didn’t get better after a week, I called back and then I was given a prescription for antibiotics, which helped, but I still have this slight tickle in my throat, but maybe that is from all of the weed that I smoked back in the day.

Coronaviruses didn’t just pop up recently.  They’re a large family of viruses that have been around for a long time.  Many of them can make people ill with sniffles or coughing.  Before the SARS-CoV-2 outbreak, coronaviruses were thought to cause only mild respiratory infections in people.  The new (or “novel”) coronavirus is one of several known to infect humans.  It’s probably been around for some time in animals.  Sometimes, a virus in animals crosses over into people.  That’s what scientists think happened here.  So, this virus isn’t new to the world, but it is new to humans.  When scientists found out that it was making people sick in 2019, they named it as a novel coronavirus.  We are still learning and we have a long way to go.

It’s normal for a virus to change, or mutate, as it infects people.  A Chinese study of 103 COVID-19 cases suggests the virus that causes it has done just that.  They found two strains, which they named L and S.  The S type is older, but the L type was more common in early stages of the outbreak.  They think one may cause more cases of the disease than the other, but they’re still working on what it all means.  It’s too soon to tell how long the pandemic will continue.  It depends on many things, including researchers’ work to learn more about the virus, their search for a treatment and a vaccine, and the public’s efforts to slow the spread.

I understand that people with essential jobs like hospital workers, firefighters, police, garbage collectors, delivery service personnel, food service workers and grocery store workers need to go to work, and all of them must continue to practice social distancing.  Lifting the stay-at-home, and shelter-in-place orders should be contingent on a downward trajectory of reported Covid-19 like syndromic illnesses reported over the previous 14-day period.  This means testing and having the ability to quickly set up safe and efficient screening and testing sites for symptomatic individuals and trace contacts of Covid-19 results.

This must be done in conjunction with continued practice of good hygiene, washing our hands with soap and water or using hand sanitizer, especially after touching items that we use frequently, or coming in contact with surfaces that you don’t know have been cleaned.  Always avoiding touching your face, as the Covid-19 virus is a respiratory infection and it will only make you sick if it enters your lungs.  Make sure that you carry tissues with you in case you sneeze or cough.  Disinfect items that you use frequently and clean surfaces as much as possible.  Wear a face covering while you are out in public, and always keep practicing social distancing.  Anyone who feels sick must stay at home.

If there is no evidence of a rebound, then States should lift the stay-at-home, and shelter-in-place restrictions, but social distancing should remain in place.  Try to maximize physical distance from others.  Social settings of more than 50 people, where appropriate distancing may not be practical, should be avoided unless precautionary measures are observed.  Elderly individuals, African Americans and other individuals with serious underlying health conditions should always take precautions, as you never know what invisible monsters are out there trying to kill you.

I am retired, so I can stay on lockdown easier than those people who need to earn a paycheck and reopening the country boils down to acceptable losses.  What are you willing to risk, if staying at home is too costly, then you must do what needs to be done?  Nobody said that life was going to be easy, but one thing that is assured now, life is going to be different.  I need a haircut, as you can see from the picture above and I would like to go to the salon to have my toenails clipped, but other than that my post-pandemic life will be much like my pre-pandemic life, as I will still be here every day writing.  Resuming my life has already started for me, as I am being much more cautious.  I can’t say if lifting the stay at home orders are premature, but time will tell.

Written for Fandango’s Provocative Question #68 which asks, Do you think it’s premature for states to be lifting the stay-at-home, shelter-in-place, and social distancing restrictions? Or do you believe that it’s about time they were rescinded? Once they are removed, how quickly are you likely to resume living your life as you did in the pre-pandemic days?

34 thoughts on “Resuming My Life

  1. Excellent piece!
    Like yourself, I was in a position to go under stay at home orders ( being laid of temporarily was no fun because I’ve been working since I was 14 ) and stick to it with little stress. But I did use that time to learn to modify my behaviors for when I got to ‘go out’ again.
    Hopefully what I learned will be enough.
    However, I have several family members that I won’t get to see until we have a vaccine because they have underlying health conditions and they are elderly. That is really hard to deal with. Harder then not working in April.

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      1. Luckily my Mom lives with my brother so if she wants to get on line she can. But she prefers the phone. My uncle is tech savvy, but he prefers the phone. So at least we can talk. But it’s not as much fun as family gatherings.

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  2. I’m staying at home as long as possible. A co-worker of mine…one of only 3 that didn’t get laid off tested positive for it last week. He went through 3 days of high fever…felt good and now has a slight fever again. I haven’t seen him since March…

    I think they are re-opening too soon. People need to get tested before they can go back to work. How many deaths are worth opening up a week or two early too early? If everyone wore masks and went by the rules I wouldn’t have as much of a problem….but they dont.

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    1. I got real sick in 2014 after coming back from the Dominican Republic, but I think the illness that I had this year was worse. We definitely need more testing, but we don’t have to wait for a cure as I am sure that is a long way off. We just need to be careful and take precautions.

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      1. We can’t wait for the vaccine I agree…but more testing.
        For instance…if I was a carrier I’m sure my work would like to know…

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      2. Not sure if you saw the John Oliver youtube I posted? The tests they are using to detect whether or not you’re a carrier are flooding the market and many of them don’t work.

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      3. Oh yes I watche it…I just haven’t commented yet…You can’t win right now. It’s so confusing.
        At least he has some humor.

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      4. The dude is messed up. I’ve heard of him but that is it. He seems crazier than Rush…and that is saying something.

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      5. Yes! I remember that. Yea as you can tell…I don’t like Rush. To me…if I was a republican I would not want that clown to represent me.

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  3. I usually get sick every fall and have one illness or another until spring. But a sharp doctor warned me that grief and loss exacerbate everything and recommended flu and pneumonia vaccines. I haven’t had the sniffles, sinus problems or even a scratchy throat! An older cousin is recovering from #coVID19 and says inhaling while he was sick was like breathing shards of glass. Glad I’ve missed out on that but my heart breaks for loss of so many lives. Stronger, wiser leadership and taking protective measures sooner surely would have saved some of them.

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    1. This should never be about politics. The economy and the health of the people should be the only concerns, but anything that gets this big will always involve politics and we need the right people in government at this time, not someone who we can’t trust. I had the pneumonia vaccine and a shingles shot and every year I get a flu shot. Stay safe Felicia.


  4. wow. you probably had it! trump is doing a bad job of slowing the spread of it. I think he and the governors of each state are opening up the USA too fast, considering how many cases there has been there. X

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  5. So today Trump apparently reversed himself on winding down the coronavirus task force. He said he didn’t realize how popular it was and after hearing that, he decided to switch gears because, above all else, what is important to him are his ratings.

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  6. I long to turn on the news without hearing about the number of deaths caused by Covid-19. It was hard to take in that the UK is now has the 2nd highest death rate in the world.
    There are plans to ease lock-down restrictions here on Sunday.

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