Oddly Appropriate

1. What was the significance of the little white dot on the TV screen at 11 pm?
That little white dot was hypnotic and if you watched it long enough, you would fall asleep.

2. Who were the Woodentops?
Woodentops were used on wooden ships.

3. What is meant by the Gravy Train?
A Gravy Train is what Wavy Gravy used to travel around.

4. Who sang about flowers in the rain?
Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary sang this as she watched her garden grow.

5. What do the initials MP stand for?
After it rained at Woodstock, MP was used to designate mud puddles.

6. What was Jiminy Cricket’s job?
Jiminy was in charge of welfare and unemployment.

7. Why are diamonds measured in carats?
They tried to measure diamonds in bananas, but somebody slipped on a peel.

8. What do Kimball and Hammond have in common?
They both played in a band with Ozzie Osborne.

9. What is a swizzle stick?
Make mine shaken, not stirred.

10. What are chick peas?
Chick peas are toilet seats with the seat down.

Written for Di’s Fibbing Friday.

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    1. I just watched a special on the making of Woodstock and Wavy seemed to be a pretty cool guy that helped out a lot of people there. It is hard to believe that he married a good looking woman, as he is missing most of his teeth but those people who join communes are not the brightest bunch.

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