Shopping Trip

I said to my wife, “I am heading out to the store, do you need anything?”  For some unknown reason, maybe it was just the time of the month, or cabin fever, as she seemed to be mad at me and she said, “I told you I don’t need your help, Bozo.”  OK, so that is how it is going to be, maybe she will cheer up later if I can score some toilet paper, but I am not counting on that, and then she said, “Don’t forget to wear your mask, as I don’t want you bringing any germs back home with you.”  I said, “Thanks honey, I already got it, see you later sweetie.”  Just before I got out of the door she said, “Make sure that you check everything carefully, as I don’t want you bringing home another dented can of beans again, as the last thing that I need now is botulism.”

A man in the parking lot of the store saw me wearing my mask and he said, “If you are sick, you really shouldn’t be going out and risking other people’ health.”  I told him that I am fine, and that I was not wearing the mask as a courtesy to others, that it was for my own protection.  I herd on the news that people were stockpiling eggs during the coronavirus crisis as they cook more meals at home and that this is leading to supply shortages and a spike in prices so I figured I would get them first.  I am not the kind of person that pays attention to the cost amount of what everything sells for most times, but I do pay attention to gas prices.  They were out of the jumbo eggs that I usually buy and all they had were these smaller organic brown ones, which were selling for $4.35 a dozen.  I usually check my eggs to make sure that none of the shells are cracked or have a break in them and these looked good, so I put them in my cart.  A clerk came out from the storage room and he restocked all of the shelves.  I guess that I got there at the right time, so I put that dozen back and got my jumbo ones, life is great sometimes.

Written for FOWC with Fandango – Amount, for Maggie’s Innovation Challenge #FUN20083 – Number #2, Use this line somewhere in your story. “I told you I don’t need your help, Bozo.” and Number #3, Use one or all of these objects in your story. A dented can of beans, a dentist, or a marching band, and for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Tale Weaver #268 – Medical hosted by Michael where we are asked to write about something medical, from band-aids, bandages to botulism and as we are in a state at present of heightened awareness about health, you can vent about the coronavirus if so moved, and for Di’s Three Things Challenge prompt words – Time Courtesy Break.

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    1. Thanks Di. I have been super busy writing my A to Z posts, but they are turning out to be so long that I feel most people won’t bother to read them. How are things going for you?


      1. We’re fine thanks Jim. Managing to get practically everything on our shopping list each week, walking the dog and generally keeping out of everyone;s way. It’s not too bad here apart from the panic buying which had the shelves stripped in 24 hours. Limitations have been out in place now, and by all accounts things are pretty civilised, even if you have to queue. A few holidaymakers have turned up, but we hope they don’t stay as everywhere is shut and there’s nothing for them to do or go.

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  1. Good one Jim, the same situation is happening here. The major supermarkets have designated 7am – 8am as a time for older shoppers to go and get what they need. But of course, there are restrictions on the amounts you can buy. eg 1 four pack of toilet paper. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and I hope the wife was in a better mood when you came home.

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  2. Does the mask actually help you if you are not sick? I wear gloves and I’ve got masks but I haven’t wore the masks out yet.

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  3. I wore a mask at Walmart last week and people were looking at me like that too. Well, I don’t care because the guy blowing his nose in the paper goods aisle was spreading germs. I bought toilet paper before this all hit the fan.

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