Blue Heaven

I live in an Eden prairie, which is like having a slice of heaven here on earth.  What I like best about my home town is that it is meticulously clean and it is also known for having the best authentic Italian pasta.  Spaghetti?  Really?  We do have the coronavirus, but people here are good at practicing social distancing and we smile at others while we try to maintain a safe distance staying at least 5 feet apart, especially since we just heard about the 54 new cases of coronavirus in Limerick, Ireland.  Grace is a real joker and she is the owner of my favorite Italian restaurant and she is keeping her place open, but only for small gatherings.  She placed a bucket on a table near the entrance, which she insists that everyone put their cell phones into, or otherwise they will not be served.

Written for the Daily Spur prompt – Owner, for Maggie’s Innovation Challenge – Number #2 Spaghetti? Really? and Number #3 A rock, a bucket or a broken watch, for March Writing Prompts – Eden prairie, for Ragtag Community – Clean, for Di’s Three Things Challenge prompt words – Smile Grace Joker, and for Word of the Day Challenge Prompt – Limerick.

14 thoughts on “Blue Heaven

  1. I thought it was a great response to the prompt which I am just now seeing. I should try to do a post with her prompts, the Word of the Day, and One-Liner Wednesday but that may be trying to do too much at once. We will see what I come up with!

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    1. Good luck with whatever you decide to write about. Being stuck inside for a prolonged period will not bother me all that much, as it is normal for me to sit and write the whole day long. I think that I will start writing ahead for my A to Z challenge today as that is always an overwhelming project.

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