Go Figure

I came up with this title yesterday and I figured that if I slept on it, something would come to me, but alas I still have nothing.  I guess I will have to make this into a babbling post where I drone on about something, like what a mess the world is in today.  I am feeling better than I have since I got sick back on February 25th, as I think that all the germs have run their course through my body and there is nothing but blue skies ahead for me.  My cousin asked me to help her with her boyfriend who had slipped when he got out of his bed.  He had been sick for a few days and he was really weak.  My cousin made him some chicken soup, but it was too little, too late.

I went into her bedroom and saw her boyfriend laying on the floor and she asked me if I could help her get him up.  Normally I don’t like to touch anybody, as I suffer with a condition known as haphephobia, but mostly this condition manifests itself with touching men or being touched by other men.  I could see that he was stuck and that he needed help.  He was sweating and he seemed to be out of breath from struggling to sit up, but I went over by him and tried to lift him up.  He was a veritable petri dish of germs and I just wanted to get this over with, but he is also a very big guy and with all of my strength, I was only able to get him to sit up and I could not get him back on his feet again.  My cousin said what are we going to do and I said that we should call the fire department.

The fire truck arrived in about 15 minutes and four young very fit guys were on the truck.  I told them how sick my cousin’s boyfriend was and I suggested that they might want to wear those masks.  They each wore the masks and gloves and they were able to get him back on his feet again.  I offered them a $20 bill and said that they could use it to get a pizza, but they wouldn’t take the money, saying that they were being paid by the city.  I got sick the very next day and after two days of coughing and a bad sore throat, I went to see my doctor.  As you might expect, I have a woman doctor.  I went through five days of Tamiflu treatments and when that did not help, my doctor put me on antibiotics and I took my last pill yesterday.

I guess I am lucky that I did not get sick on a cruise ship, like what has happened to so many others from this coronavirus or Covid-19 fiasco.  That must really suck, saving up your money to go out and enjoy yourself and then end up being confined in your room like a prisoner.  This outbreak really caught us with our pants down and if the outcome makes the world a safer place, than maybe it is worth it, but if we don’t learn anything from this, than maybe the world will be better off being ruled by cockroaches.

Written for Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday where the prompt is figure.

15 thoughts on “Go Figure

  1. Ordinarily I would have seen the Coronavirus reference and turned the page, but since it was you, I read on and was glad I did. I am hoping this was a fictional situation, as no man should be so big it takes four fit firefighters to get him in bed. One should be plenty.

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  2. That sucks that you got sick helping someone.
    If someone comes to work sick I make them go home right then…then spray my office if they entered.

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