Woman From Tokyo

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This Deep Purple song was recorded on their 1973 seventh studio album Who Do We Think We Are and the single reached #60 on the charts.  It was written by guitarist and founding member Ritchie Blackmore, lead singer Ian Gillan, bass player Roger D Glover, keyboardist Jon Lord and drummer Ian Paice.  The song ‘Woman From Tokyo’ is hailed as one of the greatest guitar rock classics ever and is the sole track from the album to actually go anywhere, but Deep Purple fans look on it with melancholy feelings, as this song marked the point at where the “Mark II” line-up broke up.  The legendary feud between Gillan and Blackmore started here, and ironically, after Gillan left, he commented that stress and pressure from the constant touring and recording workload was to blame for the tension as much as anything else.  The song is sunny, and upbeat, but perhaps…

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