My Mother Was a Prostitute

Three couples were taking a long trip together in a wagon and Bob said, “The house of prostitution that she worked in had a sign out front that read, ‘Come in and take a look around and see the treasures that we have to offer.’  Sailors and merchants would all frequent the Pleasure House, where my mom worked.  The Pleasure House usually had around 20 girls working there on any given day.  There was a communal bath where groups of people could be naked together.  Customers would come into the display room where they would look the girls over, and if they liked what they saw, then they would choose a girl and take her with him to one of the working rooms or the communal bath area.

These prostitutes had to work 20 out of every 28 days, and they could take the other eight days off whenever they wanted, but they were not allowed to work during their menstrual cycle, so that is when most of them took off.  They each had a quota of getting at least two customers every day and if they did not get the minimum of 40 customers within this 20-day work interval, they would be asked to leave the house.  The prostitution house charged every customer $50 for intercourse with the girls.  The girls had to pay Jezebel the owner and madam $1600 every 28 days, for being allowed to work there.  If they made their quota, they would get a profit of $400.  If they exceeded their quota, then they would make more money.  The girls always took great care of themselves, so they were able to attract more customers, which meant more money for them.  While they were working, their room and food was free, so if the girls were wise with their money and they were attractive, they could do very well.

My mother worked out a deal with Jezebel, so she could have her own private room for both of us, even on her days off.  My mother was willing to please her customers in ways that the other girls would not do and she knew how to make all the men happy.  Many of the other girls that worked there regarded oral sex as being taboo, but this never bothered my mom.  My mother had many married men as repeat customers, who felt intercourse would be cheating on their wives.  She was able to give these men something that their wives found distasteful.  She would receive twenty bucks for this special service.  She had to pay Jezebel twelve bucks, so she was able to keep eight.  Most of the men would be done in less than five minutes.

Susanna turned around and said, “I have never done that, have you girls ever pleased your men that way?”  Martha said, “Well what happens between Bob and I is private, but since this is such a long journey that we are taking together, to answer your question, yes I have.  I enjoy giving it almost as much as Bob enjoys getting it, especially during my menstrual cycle.  A married couple can kiss any body part that they desire, as God does not say that it is a sin for a husband and wife to express their love for each other in ways besides having intercourse.  God created men and women differently, so they could love one another and He gave our bodies sensations, because He intended husbands and wives to be loving, sensuous, joyful, creative and full of pleasure.  In the Song of Solomon, the lovers enjoy touching, tasting, eating and drinking each other’s bodies.  You should try doing it sometime, as I am sure Leon might enjoy it.

Susanna said, “I will learn how to do this and I will become good at, as I don’t want my man going to a prostitute, while I am still able to please him.”  Ruth said, “I just got this picture in my brain of Susanna’s head bobbing up and down on Leon.  There is something that we forgot to talk about.  We are all just starting out on our honeymoons and all this talk about sex is making me get a little bit aroused.  Evan and I are not used to public displays of affection, we don’t have a problem kissing in front of other people and I want to be a dutiful wife, but I do have my modesty, so perhaps we should all come to some kind of agreement on how we will be able to enjoy sex and romance on this journey that we are taking together.

Evan said, “There is a saying, when in Rome do as the Romans.  We are all adults and it will be torture for me to have to spend this whole trip, not being able to be intimate with my wife, in fear that you guys might see or hear us.  I am not saying that we should start worshiping the Roman gods, but we will have to adapt ourselves to the customs in the different places that we visit and behave as those around us do.  We have a long road ahead of us, so we need to be tolerant of each other and also learn to loosen up, so we can enjoy our honeymoons.”

Written for Fandango’s February Expressions FFE Daily Adage – When in Rome do as the Romans do.

15 thoughts on “My Mother Was a Prostitute

      1. No offense taken from me and I agree with you, someone will read this and think that maybe that was just a job their mom had to have to make ends meet. If they all worked like “Pretty Woman” I’d be compelled but that is only a fairy tale.

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