Pass it Over to Me

The Fraternity of Man was an American blues rock and psychedelic group from the 1960s.  They are most famous for their 1968 song ‘Don’t Bogart Me’, which was featured in the 1969 road movie Easy Rider.  Elliot Ingber and Larry “Stash” Wagner wrote this tune and it was originally recorded for the soundtrack to Easy Rider.  The term bogart comes from Humphrey Bogart’s on-screen chain smoking, and refers to holding on too long without passing.  Elliot Ingber is an American guitarist who played in Frank Zappa’s Mothers of Invention and was featured on their debut album Freak Out!   A rumor says that he was fired from the band by Zappa after he tripped on LSD and was unaware that his amplifier was not switched on.

Larry Wagner was in San Francisco, playing on the streets of the Haight/Ashbury district, when he saw a group of freaks walking towards him.  He recognized Mark Rugio who was the drummer in a band that they both had in high school.  Mark introduced Larry to Vito Paulekas and Carl Franzoni and some of the other freaks.  Mark invited Larry to see his new band play with their guitarist that just left the Mothers of Invention.  Elliot and Larry hit it off immediately and they began writing songs together and since the band didn’t have a singer, he came on stage during the gigs and sang with the band.  Larry Wagner begged the label to put ‘Don’t Bogart that Joint’ on the single.  They compromised by changing the name to ‘Don’t Bogart Me’ (so it didn’t sound like a drug song) and they put it on the ‘B’ side of the single.  After ‘Bogart’ started getting radio play, Peter Fonda called up the Fraternity of Man and asked if he could put the song in this little movie he was doing.

Roll another one,
Just like the other one.
You been holding onto it,
And I sure would like a hit!
Don’t bogart that joint my friend,
Pass it over to me!
Don’t bogart that joint my friend,
Pass it over to me!

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie MM Music challenge You Don’t Know How It Feels.

18 thoughts on “Pass it Over to Me

      1. What it difficult for me to grasp is how seething the hatred for hippies was back in the day. Have you seen “Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood” yet? The main character has an abiding hatred for hippies! Hippies are fine in my book as long as they have a means to provide food, clothing, and shelter for themselves. Give me a hippy over a maga anyday!

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      2. I don’t go out to see movies, so it will be a while before I see this. People saw hippies as being dirty and lazy and there are good and bed in every group. Attitudes change over time which is a good thing and being tolerant is a blessing.

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      3. It’s available at at the library now. You should see if you Hoopla is available in your area. It is a streaming video service some libraries offer. You might be able to stream it from Hoopla.

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      4. I just finished watching something on Netflix last night so I did a search on Hit and Run and I discovered that I had already seen it. How do you know what is in my library? I have never been on Hoopla, I guess I am out of touch.

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      5. You may need a library card to access hoopla. If you don’t have one, is there a library nearby? It takes literally a few minutes to sign up for a card. Hoopla is a nationwide service where libraries across the country buy subscriptions to it (guessing) so if your library buys a subscription you have access to anything hoopla has. Just like netflix only your library buys the subscription instead of you.

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  1. Wow, I must really be losing it not to remember this post, as I not only liked it but made several comments on it. Either forgotten or subconsciously remembered as a cool novelty song to use later…

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