Smoking Stunts Your Growth

Mr. Manton said, “Smoking cigarettes won’t help a teenage girl to lose weight, and there is a strong possibility that it could stunt growth in teenage boys, causing a decrease in their height as well as their body mass index.”  Frederick John Barrett the English horse racing jockey who just won The Derby and the Jockeys’ Championship in 1888, said, “Yes I know and that is why I will continue to smoke them.  I have developed this nasty cough lately but my doctor gave me a prescription for a drug called laudanum and that seems to be helping.  People always say that you should bet the jockey, not the horse and I am in this business for the long run, so I smoke because my doctor told me that this could ward off osteoporosis and help to prevent cartilage and joint deterioration.”

Written for Teresa Grabs Daily Writing Prompt – Allen & Ginter Cigarettes.

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