Let’s Go Skinny-dipping

Jim said, “That water looks so beautiful, why don’t we get nude, swim and let the sun caress our bare skin, as we step back from the stress of life.  Neither of us wants to get our clothes wet and we did not bring our bathing suits with us and it is such a nice day and that water looks so refreshing.  Bathing suits are one of the most useless articles of clothing ever invented as they don’t help you bathe or swim.  Before the 1800’s, people didn’t exhibit the same amount of modesty and shame that is around today, so there was no need for them to always cover up their private parts butts, genitals and nipples, and dedicated swimwear are actually a relatively new invention.  Back then people swam in the nude or they would strip to their underwear.  The strict Victorian sense of propriety kept both men and women from disrobing if they went swimming in public, but those huge, voluminous cumbersome skirts and the tight woven fabrics of the time were hard to move in when they became waterlogged and this made them dangerous in the water.  People back then simply removed their clothes if they wanted to take a dip in the water and skinny-dipping was the norm until only a few generations ago.”

Violet said, “That water does look inviting, but it is only a two-mile hike back to the cabin and I would prefer to be wearing my bathing suit, just in case some strangers come by while we are swimming.  Jim said, “OK, if we must, but bathing suits are so uncomfortable, they are tight and restricting even before you get into the water.  Then when you swim you get it wet, and now you have cold, sopping wet fabric clinging to your skin and there is always a possibility that you will get some sand in the crotch area of your suit.  Then when you get out of the water, and your skin starts to dry, your suit stays wet.  What is with this weird hang-up about nudity, as in many other parts of the world, everyone, girls and guys together go nude and people accept it.  Hey you have a great body that you should not try to hide.”

Violet replied, “Being naked in any other place than in the shower or in the bedroom is weird and although I am comfortable being naked with you, I don’t want anyone else seeing me.  I do enjoy lounging around naked when I am alone and feeling the joys of fresh sheets on my bare skin, but I feel that casual nudity can make a person’s body less desirable and make the sex less special.  Being naked with a partner is always exciting at first, but if they get to see it all the time and it becomes a normal thing, then the thrill is gone.  I always have the fear that my partner will see something unattractive about me, especially when it is my time of the month and I feel bloated and gross, or something that is too real about my body and besides I am not an exhibitionist.”

Jim said, “I get your point Violet, but I am here now and I don’t want to hike back to the cabin, so I am going to let it all hang out and swim in my birthday suit.”  Violet said, “I will stay here and watch and I hope that you don’t get stung by a jellyfish.”  Jim stripped off all of his clothes and set them down on a rock and he said, “Jellyfish are only in salt water and the water here is so clear, that if anything dangerous was in it, I would see it.  You should really try this, as it is amazing.”  Violet didn’t want to let Jim down by refusing to go in the water, so she gritted her teeth and undressed, and laid her clothes down besides Jim’s.  Violet made no effort to hide her body and when she got in she said, “This water is so much warmer than I thought it was going to be, I’m really glad that you talked me into this.”  Violet went from being a nervous, self-conscious girl to a relaxed, happy woman.

Written for Teresa Grabs Daily Writing Prompt – The Falls of Falloch on the river Falloch.

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  1. The segue between the relaxed, happy woman Jim had coaxed out of Violet on the river bank that afternoon and the titillating, exhibitionist a couple shots of Patron had coaxed out of her on a barstool a little later that evening, left Jim wondering if perhaps he ought to keep his most recent findings on animal husbandry to himself….

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