In God’s Hands

A God that knows everything is called omniscient.  Omniscience is the capacity to know everything and the concept of omniscience has been around for thousands of years dating as far back as Homer when he said “The gods know everything”.  Omniscience is a characteristic of the god of most monotheistic religions.  Is God in absolute control of everything that happens in the world, or in the universe?  It must not be easy for anyone who has complete unlimited knowledge, awareness, and understanding of all things and is able to perceive all things that will ever happen.  The question of, “Is it better to know or is it better to not know?”, is hard enough for humans to contemplate, but I wonder how God feels about this provocative question.

It is difficult to imagine anyone even God knowing everything, as the memory storage capacity needed for that is phenomenal.  Does God need to rely on data compression techniques to store all of this information, and if so, how does this effect processing speed?  The performance of the CPU is affected by the number of memory cores previously known as processors, its clock speed and the amount memory RAM and ROM.  I would guess that God has some type of external storage where He keeps things that he does not need to access every day.  If anyone has access to the cloud (on-demand availability of computer system resources), it would be God.

The cloud is changing how we perceive information and remember the world around us and the internet now contains information on almost every conceivable topic.  If I want to know something, I Google it and others may ask Siri, or Alexa.  This does not mean that the internet is as smart as God, or that it contains everything, but in the Bible, God does not say that He knows everything and in fact the word “omniscience” cannot be found in the Bible.  This concept was developed by the church which is made up of men, so it is fallible.  According to Luke 12:6-7, God knows the number of hair on your head, He knows the sparrows that fall to the ground, but this doesn’t say that He knows the sparrows that will fall to the ground a millions of years from now or how many hairs will be on your head in the future.

Knowledge makes a person accountable.  Knowledge is power, and with great power comes great responsibility.  Anyone who knows that something is going to happen but fails to act is guilty of inaction.  If everything is in God’s hands, then He should not be sitting idly by, letting the cookies crumble and the dust fall.  If God knows 100% of everything that has happened, is happening, or will happen, that should make Him responsible for everything that has happened in the past, is happening in the present and that will happen in the future.  This is too much to ask of anyone, even of God, as nobody needs all that responsibility.

I wonder if God has to tune out certain information, or if He washed His hands of us after giving everyone free will and He no longer feels obligated to do anything, to make decisions, or to exert control over any situation.  If I were God, I think it would be best not to know what was going to happen all the time, as that must be excruciatingly painful for certain events, although when good things do happen, He could always have a front row seat for them, because He knew it was going to happen.  God sure has a lot on His plate, but concerning this provocative question for today, maybe it is best if it is left in God’s hands.

Written for Fandango’s Provocative Question #4 Revisited concerning “Is it better to know or is it better to not know?”

13 thoughts on “In God’s Hands

  1. Believers say that God is all-knowing and all-powerful. Then if you ask why does HE allow terrible things to happen such as the Holocaust and plagues and childhood cancers… well, they have no answers to that. So, maybe God is evil then? Nooo! He’s good! That doesn’t make much sense. Well, it does to them. Then why pray, if HE has already decided what will happen? Because! Okay…

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    1. God has not decided anything, that is the whole point of free will. He knows what is going to happen and like Santa, He knows who is bad and good. He lets things happen, because He developed a non-interference policy and that doesn’t make God bad, it just means that He sticks to His convictions. I think that God would like everyone to pray, but that is a personnel choice for everyone. I can see how people develop a “What is the point?” attitude about life, but life is what you make out of it whether or not you believe in God.

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      1. I’ve heard that too, like God the clockmaker… he just wound it all up and now it ticks along. But then there’s no point in praying, since everything has been planned out. I can’t see God as “good” in this scenario either, maybe neutral. But that would be “good” as a human construct.

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  2. I read a short sci-fi story once about some guys who built his super-duper computer. So they would have thought in terms of storage space, processor speed, ram etc. When they finally switched the computer on, they wanted to give it a real teaser, so they asked, “is there a god?” And it replied, “yes, *now* there is a god” 🙂

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