Time for Fandango to Unpack

A stream of consciousness writing challenge is a time for the writer to unpack their thoughts and let their words flow out.  I am not saying that you have to let it all hang out, as you need to be like Sloopy and hang on to what you got, while you are letting some air out of the bag.  I have no clue what in the hell I am writing about, but I am unpacking it and I am going to leave it all out on the field, just like Aaron Rodgers and the Packers did this year.  Now I have moved on and I am thinking about Jeffrey Dahmer who lived in Milwaukee and he packed his refrigerator with human body parts, so he could snack on them later.  OK, I just lost all of my readers, and I am still not done unpacking yet.

I keep getting email from WinZip which is a company that makes software that allows you to compress or decompress files and they call this packing and unpacking.  It is not easy going through airports these days as security checks dictate that you put all of your liquids and gels into a one-quart plastic bag and you also have to take off your shoes and maybe your belt.  I just came back from a trip to North Carolina and I think that airports should provide seats for everyone after the screening, so you can put your shoes back on.

Since I am already all over the place with this post, I will tell you a story about over packing.  When my wife and I first got married, we lived in an apartment that had a communal laundry room that was located in the basement of the building that we lived in.  We had to lug our dirty clothes down there, bringing our own detergent along and lots of quarters for the machines.  It was a dark and nasty place, as we would often see spider webs there, and some of our neighbors were assholes.  We got a timeshare that we used for vacations and it was a brand-new building and we had our own washer and dryer right in our unit.  My wife liked it so much, that she packed extra clothes for our trips, so she could wash then there.

OK, I know that is totally crazy, but you would have gotten a good laugh if you saw me carrying all of the luggage through the airport.  I had worked as a busboy and also as a caddy on a golf course, so I was very adept at handling multiple things at the same time, but I had two bags in my hands and two bags tucked under my arms and I was able to push one along in front of me while dragging one behind me and I had my golf clubs strung around my neck.  I guess you just had to be there to really appreciate this.  It is time for me to pack this post away, but before I do that, I will leave you with this special song.

Written for Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday where the prompt is unpack.

9 thoughts on “Time for Fandango to Unpack

  1. You covered a lot of ground there! If it’s any consolation, I put my liquids in a 1 gallon clear bag. Rebel Without a Cause…another blast from the past. Ok, I digress in my comment. I absolutely agree with the chairs for putting your shoes on. Jacksonville International Airport has benches right when you finish getting your bags back for you to do that. It makes the congestion a lot better. People seem to flow out of TIA in our airport.

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    1. When I arrived in Charlotte last week there were no seats which I thought was strange as it makes it a lot easier to have a seat to put your shoes on and get organized before you rush off to your gate.

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