Get Up and Dance

Rock and roll, Garage, Punk, Jive whatever it takes, you need to get up and move to the music and shake your tail feathers and then rattle and roll.  There are a lot of negative people out in the world, some of which may be your relations, but if you keep moving, you will stay young.  There is always a lesson to be learned unless you become stagnant and then you will most likely exhibit an unpleasant smell as a consequence.  The only way to learn is to move outside your scope of vision, so things are no longer sketchy and the truth becomes vivid.  That was the devil making music, said the farmer as his pig screamed.  An animal is not all that different from a human, as a dog will not eat dog, even though we say it is a dog eat dog world.  The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.  I always find this instrumental ‘Lucky Trumble’ which was written by Nancy Wilson of Heart aesthetically appealing and it was featured in the film Almost Famous.  I will give myself a pat on the back for finishing this post.

Written for Sheryl’s Daily Word Prompt – Vivid, for the Daily Spur prompt – Punk, for FOWC with Fandango – Sketchy, for January Writing Prompts – Lucky Trumble, for Ragtag Community – Jive, for Di’s Three Things Challenge prompt words – Animal Pat Cheese, for GC and Sue W Weekly Prompt – Aesthetically Appealing and for Word of the Day Challenge Prompt – Relations.

11 thoughts on “Get Up and Dance

    1. I know that your challenge is a photo/word challenge Sue and I think that your prompts are wonderful. This was my sixth post today and probably not my best, as I rushed it a bit because I still have to write one more for my Song Lyric Sunday challenge tonight and I have already started on another one for tomorrow.

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      1. We started off with a separate photo and word challenges just as WordPress used to do, but these days doing separate challenges is a little outdated so we just say do either and anything goes. Perhaps we should make that a little clearer.

        Gosh, six posts to complete in one day is a lot of work, well done you!

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