Important Questions

1. Why did the boy remain on the burning deck?
He felt like going down with the ship.
2. Where will you find a toad in the hole?
After you find a bird in a nest and a snake in the grass, then you can beat around the bush to locate the toad.
3. What do you call a shell-less snail?
That would be a Hermit snail.
4. How many eggs are in a clutch?
As many as you can grab in your hands, while balancing a spoon on your nose.
5. Why do we say someone is a barrel of laughs?
The original meaning is lost to time, but it stems from Carol the barrel who was a fat jovial person.
6. Why are horse races in furlongs and athletics in metres?
That is because horses have longer legs.
7. What are love handles?
Places to hold on to when making love.
8. What was Granny Smith famous for?
She baked the first apple pie.
9. What is the difference between a toe flip and a toe loop?
The difference between the flip, the toe-loop, and the Lutz is that the takeoff begins from the back inside edge and is landed with the opposite foot.

10. How many teeth are in a honey comb?
This depends on how many sweet teeth you have.

Written for Di’s Fibbing Friday.

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