Some Rocks Should Not Be Turned Over

All hell broke lose as Fandango looked over the city and saw meteors raining down.  This was not the typical Perseid or Orionid meteor shower which is usually seen at night, as these enormous chunks of rock were smashing into everything and it was just after dawn.  Meteors are used to traveling through the vacuum of space and they do that effortless, because it takes no energy.  Traveling through air however becomes much more difficult, because when the meteor hits the atmosphere, the air in front of it compresses incredibly quick, causing the temperature to rise and making the meteor glow.  Typically, the air burns the meteor until there is nothing left, but not this time and these rocks reached temperatures as high as 3,000 degrees F and they were destroying everything in their path!

Fandango had thought that this would be a great day to do some skateboarding, but when he went to the park, he saw a big one hit and wipe out all of his friends.  Debris was falling everywhere, so he pulled up his hood and climbed the hill to see what else was happening.  Two news helicopters were up in the air, hovering over the damage and a flock of birds was flying around haphazardly.  Fandango saw a smoldering rock on the ground and he used his skateboard to turn it over, but he didn’t like what he found.  Under that rock were miniature space robots that demanded to be taken to Fandango’s leader and Fandango said, “If you want Trump, you can have him.”

Written for Teresa Grabs Daily Writing Prompt #22 where she asks us to write a disaster story.

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      1. Maybe when I get back. I have been working on a eulogy if you like to read it. When the three kings went to visit baby Jesus, they were wise enough to bring gifts of Gold, Frankincense and Myra. Myra was given the gift of Lauren and she brightened up everyone’s life who she touched. Any word that carries the connotation of goodness with it can be used to describe Lauren. She was a slice of Heaven here on Earth and she was taken from us too soon. The Lord should have taken me, because in the grand scheme, I am insignificant and Lauren is needed, but He took Lauren, because He wanted her with him. Lauren would not mind our tears and she certainly would appreciate our laughter. She loved horses and dogs along with her mom, her husband Tom and her son Wesley.

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      1. When I was young enough (or foolish enough) to have ridden a skateboard, they weren’t really around. I would bike, roller skate, or ride a scooter, but no one was doing skateboards. Now, I am an old fart and I’m afraid that I’d do grave bodily harm were I to attempt to do skateboarding.

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