Four Sisters

Bee Bee, Cee Cee, Di Di and Gi Gi all stepped into this gobbledygook on the way home from school one day.  Bee Bee who was the oldest of the quadruplets by 4 minutes over Cee Cee, by 8 minutes over Di Di and by 20 minutes over Gi Gi told her sisters to make sure that they wiped their feet before going into the house to prevent the gobbledygook from getting all over everything.  Their mother Anna was told that she was having triplets and Gi Gi was a real surprise, anyway the other girls said, “Bee Bee you are not our mother.”  Cee Cee, Di Di were happy with their names and they hoped that this turned into their bra sizes when they grew up, however Bee Bee was a little disappointed and Gi Gi always said, “No fucking way.”

The girls all struggled to get the gobbledygook off of their shoes, so they left them on the front steps and went inside their house barefoot.  Bee Bee went upstairs saying that she had to write a story for her Literature class and her sisters all said that thy knew she was just going to read some romance gobbledygook which she loved.  Cee Cee asked Di Di if she wanted to do their Math homework together, as she was having trouble understanding all of that gobbledygook involved in those quadratic equations.  Di Di laughed at her sister and said that since she was a quadruplet that she should not be having any problem with quadratic equations.  Gi Gi looked into the mirror and told herself, “Take a deep breath, just relax, there is no fucking way that is ever going to happen to me.”

Written for Linda G. Hill’s ‘Life in progress’ JusJoJan January prompt – gobbledygook.

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  1. I remember that gobblety gook from high school and college and somehow muddled through it. Same as the statistics and research classes. Never found a use to keep any of it. My younger son takes after his dad and has a head for math.

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