A Real Challenge Just to Stay Alive

I just wrote a new song and it goes like this.  It is just lyrics, but I hope to get some music to go along with it.

This is my story and it must be told
I was trouble, that’s the way I rolled
It was late at night and nobody was on the road
I lived to party, that was my only code
Looked at my speedometer and it said 95
That’s the truth, it ain’t no jive
Someone in the back yelled, “Put on the breaks”
I looked ahead and got the shakes
The road was ending and doom was near
I held the wheel tight and put down my beer
I turned to the left and my car went into a slide
This is the night that I should have died
My breaks screeched as I blew through the stop sign
My car continued traveling sideways in a straight line
I hit the divider and my car rocked to and fro
I got two flat tires and I thought I would need a tow
I should have died out on Hadley Road that night
I should have been dead looking into the light
It all happened way too fast out there on Hadley Road
My body should have been all mangled and getting cold
Someone must have been watching over me
Or was this just a case of serendipity
God watches out for children, drunks and fools
I was always the one breaking the rules

24 thoughts on “A Real Challenge Just to Stay Alive

  1. I copied them…tomorrow we are going to play and I’m going to be playing guitar before they get here…I’ll see what I can do…can’t promise anything but I’ll give it a shot this weekend and week.

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      1. Our garage. We are thinking about playing at a summer festival coming up in our town…We have the same guys right now with one added that we had in 1985

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