Skinny Dipping

In 1428, the founder of the Tudor line of British kings was a servant. Owen Theodore was a Welsh squire who worked as a servant in Catherine of France’s or Catherine of Valois household, and she was the wife to the late Henry V.  Owen used to enjoy bathing nude, he went skinny-dipping in the secluded magic garden at Windsor Castle and enjoyed this simple pleasure quite often.  Owen worked in the stables taking care of the horses and it was a dirty job which he always had to wash up from at the end of every day.  He would take off all of his clothes and walk down a narrow path to get to this isolated part of the property, where he always felt free.  Owen was trained in court etiquette, music and dancing, and he often sang while he was skinny-dipping.  He had a nice physique, as his muscles were structured from lifting all those heavy bales of hay.

Catherine heard about this naked activity going on in the magic garden from one of her maids and she used to go there to spy on him through the reeds and eventually after he discovered that she was watching him, they began a secret relationship.  She was so impressed with Owen, that she wanted to marry him.  Of course, all hell broke loose when she made this intention public.  Parliament reacted to the rumors about this relationship by forbidding Catherine from marrying without consent of the king and the council.  Catherine stood by Owen through it all and finally their marriage was official.  His surname Theodore was changed to Tudor and history was made.

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Sunday Writing Prompt “Magic Garden” hosted by Yves.

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