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The first sentence of my still unpublished book which is titled the Ancient Book of Eli is, “Eli is tall, his skin is bronzed, and his body is athletically chiseled from lifting boulders, stones and rocks.”  Linda asks us to use the first three words from the first full sentence leaving me with “Eli is tall”.  Off I go into the wild blue yonder with another Stream of Consciousness Saturday and I plan to take it to the limit and then bring this one home.  I always thought that Eli was a very Biblical name and that is why I used it for the main character in my book.  In 2010 a movie was made called The Book of Eli, which I was not aware of till I saw it later on watching it on Netflix.  I wrote my book in 2014 and I used the same name for my book as this movie did, but then I altered it slightly after seeing the Denzel Washington film, which aired at the end of 2014.  The movie was about an apocalyptic future world, which was different from the setting in my book, being around the time of Jesus, so I went with the Ancient Book of Eli.

Tall is a relative word, as someone who is five foot seven inches tall would appear to be tall to a person that is only five foot tall.  Relative is actually a relative word, as it can be something that exists in relation or in proportion to something else, or it can be someone that you share a family connection with.  The premise of my book is that Eli is a step cousin of Jesus, as Joseph the step father of Jesus had a brother who had a son named Eli, so Eli is a relative of Jesus.  I guess that I covered Eli and tall, so what can I say about the word Is?

It took two years for me to write this book and during that time all of my characters became real to me, so I knew exactly what they were going to say or do in every situation.  To is or not to is, that be the question.  Ok I bastardized that Shakespeare quote, so I will try again.  If at first you don’t succeed, you can try to love again.  It is what it is, I am what I am, you are who you are, he was who he was, they were who they were, and there ain’t nothing that can be done about it, that is what is up doc.  I could have started out my book with “Eli was tall”, as if this guy Eli ever existed, he has been dead for almost 2000 years now, but I wanted my readers to feel like they were part of the action, so I used the word IS. Sometimes you win and as I think of it now, I killed this post today.

Written for Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday where the prompt is “three words”, which I selected from my own book.

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