When I was in High School, I had more detention, than any other student and I was proud to be at the top of the list.  Most of my detention was issued to me for coming to school without wearing socks, but I did break some of the other rules.  There were some really bad kids in my school who did real awful things and I had more detention than all of them.  I thought that it was a stupid rule requiring students to wear socks, so I purposely went to school without wearing socks, just to shake things up.  When graduation rolled around in my senior year, I had compiled a total of 178 days of detention and they told me that I would not be allowed to graduate with the rest of my class, because I did not finish serving all of this detention.

I told my friend Kenny that they were not allowing me to attend the graduation and he said that he would talk to his dad who was on the board of education about my problem.  His dad thought that this sock rule was a joke and he brought it up at the next BOE meeting and after that they stopped checking to see if everyone was wearing socks in homeroom, and now they were going to let me graduate.  I never met Kenny’s dad, but I knew that he was a very serious person, kind of like the opposite of me.  I knew who he was and I was kind of afraid of him, because Kenny and his younger sister Jill who I partied with were both afraid of him.

When I was up on stage to receive my diploma, I saw that Kenny’s dad was handing them out and I wanted to bond with him for helping me, even though I was sure that he had no clue who I was.  He handed me my diploma with his left hand and reached out his right hand to shake mine.  I grabbed the diploma with my left hand, but I slid my right hand past his and grabbed his wrist, because I thought that would be cool.  This is known as the “Spartan”, “Roman”, or the “Civil War” handshake and I did it to try and freak him out.  I thought it was a manly thing to do and he gripped my wrist firmly and shook his arm up and down, not letting go, maybe wanting me to let go first.  It was the longest handshake that I ever had to endure and all of my friends in the audience were cheering me on.

Written for Normal Happenings Daily Inkling prompt – longest handshake.

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