Who Wrote the Book of Og?

My nephew is Olin Gould and I often call him OG.  I saw that the January Monthly writing prompt for today is “The last book of Og”, and I think that I actually wrote this book, but it is still as yet unpublished.  The title of my second book is the “Ancient Book of Eli” and in this book Eli tells the story about a giant that was named Og.  In the Bible there is a story about the Amorite king of Bashan who was slain along with his army by Moses and his men at the battle of Edrei.  Og was one of the last of a race of giants and Goliath, the giant who fought David, was likely another.  In Genesis 6:1-4 there is a reference to fallen angles called Nephilim who were on the earth and these sons of God came in to the daughters of man and they bore children to them and this lead God into causing the great flood where only Noah and his family along with the animals were saved.  Unlike the Nephilim, the Rephaim were humans who existed after the great flood, after the fallen angels were gone.  The word Rephaim means “terrible ones” and they are described in the Bible as “giants” and “mighty men”.

I made up a very long story about a giant named Og who lives from the time of Noah to the time of Moses and he had an interesting life.  After Adan and Eve were forced out of the Garden of Eden, the population of man increased, many fair and beautiful daughters were born and some of the angels saw their beauty and desired them.  Fallen angels came down from heaven and took the fair and beautiful women and began to go into them and they were promiscuous with much fornication.  Some of these women became pregnant and bore large giants who were half-angelic, half-human hybrids that were known as Nephilim.  The giants went astray turning against the men and they started to dominate the men and devour them, as the world was changed and became corrupt, so God said that the Earth needed to be destroyed by a deluge to cleanse it from corruption and sin.

Most of the giants were wicked creatures that went around killing men and raping women, but there was one giant that was not so bad.  Noah had an older sister named Mahlah and she was a beautiful woman, she was so stunning that a fallen angel named Molloch desired her when he saw her splendor.  Molloch dropped down from the sky and swooned around Mahlah when he saw her dancing.  Molloch sang a magic song, as he danced above Mahlah in the air to seduce her. Molloch fell upon Mahlah and entered her and she conceived a giant.  As Mahlah reached the advanced stages of her pregnancy her womb stretched painfully, because she was carrying a Nephilim, that was a half-angelic and a half-human hybrid.  The midwives ran when they saw that her skin was pulled so tight around her tiny mortal womb.  Mahlah was all alone when she gave birth to Og and she died as Og came out.

Og was born in the same year that Noah started building the Ark.  Og was four feet tall and he weighed sixty-five pounds at birth and he grew to thirteen feet tall by the time Noah completed the Ark.  Og had a muscular physique, however he was different from others, as he had six toes on each foot and his body was nearly hairless.  His face looked normal, but he had two lower front teeth that were slightly overgrown and they curved upwards, which gave him a menacing look.  Noah felt sympathy for Og, so he adopted his nephew and Mrs. Noah kept busy making his clothes, as he would constantly outgrow them.  Noah gave his giant nephew instructions on how to fit into society.  Og was friendly with all animals and he was capable of intelligent thoughts and rational reasoning, but he was lazy, and he seemed to care only about playing, eating and sleeping.

It took Noah and his sons, Shem, Ham and Japheth 120 years to complete building the Ark and collecting all the animals.  God told Noah, “If you build it, they will come”, and right after the Ark was completed the animals started arriving in pairs, two by two.  The world was different before the flood, as all the land was located on a single continent with no mountain or ocean barriers to prevent the animals from arriving.  The polar and desert zones only came into existence after the flood. Just before the rain started Noah carefully inspected all the animals that gathered in front of the Ark and he realized that the unicorns were missing.

The unicorns had the bodies of a horse, they were all white with long manes, they had the head like that of a deer, a goat’s beard, the tail of a boar and a single black horn in the center of their forehead.  The unicorn’s horn would not only grow out of its head, but it also would grow into their heads.  This ingrown horn exerted pressure on their brain, which affected their reasoning capabilities, thus severely impacting their logic and consequently rendering them unable to be able to tell time.  This beautiful majestic creature was basically as dumb as a box of rocks and they could be easily outwitted by a turnip.  The unicorns liked to act silly, playing hiding games and kicking and splashing around in the mud, while the rain was pouring down on them.  Noah stood by the door of the Ark until the sun was darkened, the foundations of the earth trembled, lightning flashed, thunder boomed and the rain came pouring down as never before, then Noah called out to the unicorns, telling them that they better get inside the Ark in five minutes, as he needed to pull the ramp in and seal up the Ark.

Og was outside of the Ark riding on his favorite unicorn which he named Reem.  Og watched Noah pull in the ramp and seal up the Ark, while the rain was pouring down, faster and faster coming in torrents.  Og kept playing on his unicorn as the rivers overflowed and the waters began to rise rapidly and sweep everything away.  The Ark finally rose from the flood waters and it began to move along.  Og and his unicorn swam alongside the Ark, which was fine with them, because unicorns are excellent swimmers, and they are also very claustrophobic.  Noah did not worry about his nephew Og being outside the Ark, because God had told him that he should proceed against the bastards and the reprobates, and against the children of fornication, and destroy the children of the Watchers from amongst men, send them one against the other, that they may destroy each other in battle and only after the destruction of the Nephilim and the concealment of the Fallen Angels within the Earth, can the whole Earth be filled with righteousness and planted with trees that are full of His blessing.

When Og and the unicorns got tired of swimming, they rode on the top of the Ark.  Noah cut a small hatch in the top of the Ark, so he could pass food out to Og and the unicorns.  Og received his food each day and he swore that he would respect Noah and his children their entire lives.  The rain continued to fall in great big sheets which blocked out the light of day, but inside the Ark it was bright and cheerful.  Noah placed phosphorus stones, lightning bugs and glow worms on the inside walls of the Ark, which provided light due to their bioluminescence and illuminating radiance.  Finally, the rain ceased, the clouds rolled away and the sun shone brilliantly again.  The world was a vast ocean, nothing but water could be seen anywhere, all the world was drowned.

Noah heard Og singing up on top of the Ark.  Everyone inside the Ark was happy when they heard Og sing, “I’m singing because there is no more rain, what a glorious feeling, I’m happy again.  Listen the rain has finally stopped, it is no longer pouring down.  I am safe up here on top of the ark and I will never drown.  It has stopped raining, it is no longer pouring, but I can still hear Noah snoring.  He slept so good that he didn’t get up in the morning.  Rain, rain has gone away although it might come back on another day.  It rained last night and the night before, oh it ain’t gonna rain no more, oh it ain’t gonna rain no more.  The dark clouds that made the rain have gone away.  It is going to be a sun shining bright beautiful day.”  Noah gazed out from one of the windows and he saw Og happily riding on the unicorn behind the Ark.  A great rainbow appeared in the sky representing God’s promise that He would never flood the world again.  The unicorn brought Og back to the Ark and then it went chasing after the end of the rainbow.  The water eventually subsided and the mountains began to appear, and at last the Ark rested on Mount Ararat, and Og’s long ride came to an end.

The animals left the Ark and Og helped Noah built houses for him and his children.  Og helped Noah to plant a grape vine, but he was confused about whether this was food or drink.  Noah told Og that grapes can be eaten, or they can be crushed into juice and made into wine, so they can be food for the hungry or a drink to those who are thirsty.  Noah cautioned Og that a few drops of the wine can make a man as harmless as a sheep, and if one drinks a little more, then they may feel as strong as a lion, and when a man drinks too much wine, he may act like a pig and behave foolish like a monkey.

Og got a job working for King Nimrod building the tower of Babel.  Og became skilled in construction helping to build this stairway to heaven.  Og learned how to make bricks by mixing chopped straw with clay and how to pour this into molds.  These bricks were baked in the sun and then they were joined together using tar.  Og helped to build the wooden scaffolding and he hoisted bricks and stone up to the upper levels using a pulley system.  King Nimrod recognized what a good worker Og had become and how the other workers looked up to him, so he promoted Og to foreman.  Og had to inspect the quality of bricks and make sure that all the stairs were within tolerance.  Og kept the other workers on track and made sure that the foundation was sturdy.  When Og climbed up to the top of the tower, he had an impressive view of Mesopotamia and this made him dream of his unicorn.

Og realized that this tower was doomed to fail, as the bricks were not strong enough to stand up to the elements of nature.  Og went to King Nimrod to tell him that he wanted to quit his job, because he felt that he would be blamed because of shoddy construction.  Nimrod told Og that he was aware that some of the bricks were crumbling, but he wanted Og to continue working because he felt they were getting closer to heaven.  Og told Nimrod that he was acting like the back end of a centaur, and he said that they would never be able to build anything that could reach heaven.  Nimrod allowed Og to quit and he gave him his pay and then a lightning bolt flashed down from the sky and struck the tower of Babel.  God confounded the language of the workers and the construction stopped and people were scattered to different parts of the Earth.  Og left the city of Babel and went to the wilderness to look for his unicorn.

When Abraham was seventy-five years old, God told him to leave Haran and go into the land of Canaan.  Abraham took his wife Sara, his nephew Lot, all of his servants, all of their belongings; tents, food and herds of animals to this new land where God promised to make a great nation for him.  This was a long trip and a great undertaking, but Abraham trusted God.  Abraham pitched his tent between Bethel and Ai and built an altar there, so he could worship the Lord.  One night he heard this awful screaming and it scared everyone in his camp.  This screaming kept everyone up all night long and deprived them from sleeping.

Abraham decided to go out the next morning to investigate where the screams were coming from and he asked Lot to come along with him.  They came upon a sleeping giant and realized that he was probably responsible for all the commotion that kept everyone awake last night.  Abraham asked Lot if he thought they should wake the giant and ask him if he needed help.  Lot said, “I have always been told never to wake a sleeping giant and also to always let sleeping dogs lie.”  Abraham told Lot that he understood that the giant could be dangerous, especially if he is provoked, but since the Lord was with them, they did not need to be afraid.  They shook the giant to wake him up and then they introduced themselves.  The giant said, “My name is Og and I fear no mortal man.  This is my valley and I have lived here since I left the tower of Babel that was destroyed.  I came here to this land, to look for my unicorn and although I have not found him yet, I like this place, so I made this my home.  I have got the worst toothache that I have ever had in my entire life, the pain just keeps shooting up into my head.  My temple, my ear and my throat are all killing me, the pain is horrendous.  Can you help me?”

Abraham said, “We heard you groaning last night and you kept everyone awake, so we came here to investigate.  Show me which tooth is hurting you and we will try to help you.”  Og pointed to his front tooth and Abraham said, “That looks nasty, your tooth has turned green and it needs to be pulled out.  This will cause you much pain, but it must be done, or else your gums will rot away and you will lose all of your teeth.  My wife Sarah is an herbalist and she knows medicinal properties of many plants, perhaps she could concoct a remedy using clove oil mixed with alcohol that you could use to massage the affected area and stop the pain by numbing the nerves of your infected tooth, which is bothering you so much.  Once it is numb, then we will have to figure out a way to extract your rotten tooth.”

Og followed Abraham and Lot back to their camp where everyone was still catching up on the sleep that they lost last night.  Abraham brought Og into his tent where Sarah was sleeping and Og immediately commented on how Sarah was the most beautiful woman that he had ever seen.  Sarah mixed up an herbal potion and Og rubbed it on his tooth and said it made him feel much better.  Abraham came up with the idea that Og could stand at the edge of a cliff and hold on to a tree while they tied a rope with a stone attached to it and had the other end fixed to Og’s rotten tooth.  They followed through with the plan and rolled the stone off the cliff and the force of it falling yanked out the bad tooth.  Abraham made a necklace for himself and he hung Og’s tooth on it.

Og was grateful and he followed Abraham to Canaan.  Lot left Abraham and took his wife and his two daughters away and moved to Sodom.  A war broke out between many kingdoms with Bera king of Sodom, Birsha king of Gomorrah, Shinab king of Admah, Shemeber king of Zeboiim, the city of Bela and the city of Zoar fighting against Kedorlaomer king of Elam, Tidal king of Goiim, Amraphel king of Babylonia, and Arioch king of Ellasar. Kedorlaomer the king of Elam and his armies took everything from the people of Sodom and Gomorrah including Abraham’s nephew Lot and his family.  One of the men who was not captured saw Og, and told him what had happened and Og brought the news about the captivity of Lot to Abraham.

Og was hoping that Abraham would be killed in battle with the great kings, and then he would be able to marry the beautiful Sarah.  Abraham led his men and chased the enemy all the way to the town of Dan.  That night he divided his men into groups, and they made a surprise attack against the enemy.  They chased them all the way to Hobah, which is north of Damascus.  Abraham freed all the prisoners from Sodom and Gomorrah including Lot and his family.  Abraham returned to his camp and Sarah told him that Og had made advances towards her, so Abraham drove him off and threw away that necklace with his tooth.

Written for January Writing Prompts – The last book of Og and I actually wrote more about Og in a previous post that picks up where this story leaves off, just in case anyone wants to read it.

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