Sports Romance

My cable company has a dispute with the channel that is showing the Buffalo Bills AFC Wild Card game which is being played at the Houston Texans, so I went out to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the game, as they have it on satellite TV.  It is a playoff game and I got fifty bucks bet on the Buffalo Bills and my bookie is giving me two and half points.  I went there by myself, ordered some wings and a beer and I started to enjoy the game.  This cute blonde kept cheering loudly every time Buffalo made a good play and this made me smile.  She would get up out of her chair if she thought the refs made a bad call against the Bills and the other girls that were with her were getting embarrassed.

The table of girls left at half time, but she stayed to watch the end.  Most of the other people in the bar seemed to be routing for the Texans and I invited her to join me at my table which she agreed to.  She said her name was Susan and I told her that I am Jim and I asked her if she was from Buffalo.  She said that she was from New Jersey and that she was really a Giants fan, but since their season was over, all she cared about was rooting against the New England Patriots, because she felt that they were the biggest cheaters in the game.  I told her that I was also from Jersey, a Giants fan and that I always hated the Patriots.  True love could not be founded on anything greater and then I asked her if she liked onions and she said, “Gross”.  I hate onions, so I asked her if she would like to marry me.

Written for Teresa Grabs Daily Writing Prompt #4 where she asks us to write about a Sports Romance.

11 thoughts on “Sports Romance

    1. The Oilers became the Tennessee Titians. I thought that the Buffalo Bills had this game wrapped up by halftime, but the second half was like a completely different game and the Houston Texans ended up winning in overtime.


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