I don’t take a lot of pictures, but I just got in touch with an old friend of mine Cliff who took the picture above and he sent me a copy of it.  We were on our way to a concert and we were loaded for bear, which means we were ready to party.  I had a station wagon, so my car could fit everyone and I was usually the driver.  My brother Jack and his girlfriend Helene, Anthony and his girlfriend Eileen, Andrew and his girlfriend Mary Kay, Cliff, Randy, Danny, Ed and myself were all jammed into my car making it 11 people all going to see the New Riders of the Purple Sage at the Capital Theater in Passaic.  Just before we left town, Randy said that he was hungry and asked me to stop at Tony’s Pizza so he could get a slice.

I think that the rear tire of my car ran over an aluminum can in the parking lot and the can shot out on a tangent.  There happened to be a police car in the parking lot and to them it looked like someone in my car tossed a can out of the window.  They pulled me over just before I reached the edge of town and they called for backup.  One police car was parked in back of me and another one was in front, both with their lights flashing.  A quick search of my car revealed open alcoholic beverages, which they placed on the top of my roof after having everyone exit my vehicle.  The luckiest thing in the world happened next, as this guy stopped and told the cops that he was from the American Civil Liberties Union and that the search that they were performing was illegal and that the only way they could search my car would be at the police station.

They seized Randy’s Southern Comfort, a few other bottles of whisky and two cases of beer and told everybody to get back in the car and I was to follow them to the police headquarters.  Danny had 20 joints on him, as I said we were loaded for bear and he began passing them around the car telling everyone to eat some, so he would not get busted for it.  I told Danny that I had enough problems driving behind one cop car and being followed by another one, so I was off the hook and didn’t have to eat any pot.  When we arrived at the police station the three girls were all sent home to their parents, because they were all only seventeen and underage for drinking.  I was interrogated about the alcohol and arrested and meanwhile they did a thorough search of my car and found a joint, that somebody must have dropped in all the commotion.

Danny owned up and told the police that the pot was his and he was arrested.  Ed was a big-time dealer and he had enough money on him to bail both Danny and me out of jail.  While we were waiting for the police to finish up with Danny, Cliff took this picture of Jack, Me, Ed and Anthony sitting on a bench inside the police station.  Ed kept 10 hits of LSD in his booth and when the police were done with us, we all dropped acid and went to the concert.

Written for Linda G. Hill’s ‘Life in progress’ JusJoJan January the second 2020 prompt, where the topic is a picture.

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      1. Your story has the ring of truth, which is always stranger than fiction. Talk about rotten luck with the can. God was kind to get you to the concert. This pic would be a perfect one for a band. Which one is Cliff? From left to right: hapless dude who gets pulled along, sneaky cutie, main troublemaker, and one who has hidden secrets.

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  1. Now I know I wasn’t born in the right time…that sounded like it came out of Dazed and Confused. Great story Jim…all of that and still made the concert.

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