The Future is Mine

“This Is a Two-Word Term for The Holiday Where Earth Has Completed a Full Revolution around the Sun…”  Que Sera, Sera whatever will be will be, the future is mine to see, rising up like smoke from this crystal bowl.  I studied hydromancy I studied hydromancy under Nostradamus, who taught me how to receive messages and make predictions, through the movement of water in a bowl.  My divination is done by means of signs derived from the appearance of water and its movements.  I look at the ebb and flow of water, or ripples produced by pebbles dropped in a pool and I can even determine what will happen by looking at water vapor floating in the air.  I will take the bull by the horns, to deal with any difficult situation that comes my way and go for the gusto with vim and vigor, because the vapor has predicted that things are looking up for me.

Written for Normal Happenings Daily Inkling where we are asked to write a post about the New Year, without using any of these words NEW, YEAR, RESOLUTION, DAY, PLANS, JANUARY or FIRST and for Carol J Forrester’s Speculative Fiction Photo Prompt.