Bought a Chicken Thought it was a Duck

1. Why was January chosen to be the first month of the year?
It really is a crazy world that we live in.  January was named after Janus the Roman god of doors and since he was a two-faced god, his month could have been the first or the last month and in fact January started out as the last month until The Doors sang their song ‘The End’, with the lyrics “Lost in a Roman wilderness of pain and all the children are insane”.

2. Why does the Chinese New Year not start until February?
This is because it is based on lunar phases and the Chinese like being different.

3. What’s the point of eating black-eyed peas on New Year’s Day?
This tradition started with the song ‘Pump It’ being used in the movie Pulp Fiction.

4. Why do we make New Year’s resolutions?
Everyone wants to be better, but in the end, we are all liars.

5. What will Santa Claus be doing now that Christmas is over?
He will be eating halva on New Year’s Day, then he is going to Disney Land and he also has tickets for Super Bowl LIV at Hard Rock Stadium, home of the Miami Dolphins.

6. According to tradition, this is technically the 3rd day of Christmas. The 1st day is Christmas, itself. So what is the 12th day known as?
Since Jesus was only a baby, he was not as important as the 3 wise men who were not there for the birth, but they brought the party 12 days later.

7. why are so many of the gifts listed in the song, The 12 Days of Christmas, birds?
Birds matter and we can’t live without them, because they represent a real connection to a natural world and they can warn us about global warming.

8. What earthly event marks when an angel gets its wings?
They alert you when someone approaches your front door, but recently they are being replaced with doorbell cameras.

9. What happens on the Winter Solstice?
This is a time for comfort or consolation related to distress or sadness, so nothing happens.

10. How did the tradition of the Yule log originate?
Indiana Jones started this after stepping in dinosaur poop on Christmas.

Written for PCGuy’s Fibbing Friday.