It is What it is

Everybody would like to think that they know what’s going on around them, what remains in their past and what the future might bring, but along the way life happens.  Circumstances exist which become facts of life and we must tolerate things the way they turn out, or at least learn to dealt with them as best we can.  Life is meant to teach us lessons and we must accept what we can’t change.  Try to learn from your mistakes and remember that life will not always hand you everything that you desire.

I lost my car when I spent a weekend in the woods.  My good friend Gary and I decided to go camping in Stokes State forest, which has a breathtaking and panoramic view from Sunrise Mountain along the Appalachian Trail, but we did not go there for the view, we went to party.  We packed our sleeping bags, brought a hibachi grill, got a cooler loaded with cold beer and rib eye steaks.  I drove up route 206 in my car, but I was not as much of an outdoor enthusiast as Gary was, and this was his idea of having fun, but he was always fun to be around, so I knew we would have a good time.

We smoked some joints at the campsite and sat around listening to music and drinking beer.  Three girls heard our music and they came by to say hello and our weekend was looking up.  Betty was a brunette and her younger sister Patty was a blonde and their cousin Debbie was a redhead.  We sat around the camp fire talking and drinking beer with them, shared our steaks and when it got dark, they said that they needed to go back to their campsite to check in with their parents.  I suggested that we drive them back, so we would know where they were and then we could visit them tomorrow.

There was no moon out that night and it got pitch dark out there in the woods and we got lost.  Gary was a hunter and used to being in the wilderness, so he suggested that we turn off the music so we could concentrate on finding our way, as the girls said they were camped along the river.  With the music off we could hear the sound of rushing water getting louder, so we knew that we were heading in the right direction.  We saw a campfire and the girls were happy that we got them back to where they needed to be.  Each one gave us a kiss good night.

We headed back to our camp, but again we got lost in the woods because it was so dark and maybe we drank too many beers, or smoked too much pot.  At some point along the way, my car went off the trail and we were riding through the trees, scraping into tree branches, running over bushes and bouncing off of tree trunks.  My car was taking a real beating, but we kept going as we were determined to find our way back to are camp.  We got stuck up against a tree and I told Gary to get out and push, so I could shake my car loose.  Gary told me to put it in reverse to back off of the tree and that worked.  Gary got back in and shortly after he screamed, “Stop”, which I did.  I asked what he was yelling about and then I saw that I had almost driven off of a cliff and I was glad for his warning.

We finally made it back to our camp site and called it a night.  The next day I saw all these dents and scratches in my car and we laughed about it.  We never saw the girls again and when we ran out of beer, we packed up and went back home and that is my fun weekend spent in the woods, as it is what it is.

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Tale Weaver #255 hosted by Michael – Weekend story.

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