Change Your Evil Ways

As I was in dreamland last night, the ghost of Christmas future came to me with an offering that she would let me see what fate had in store for me, if I promised to stop beating my wife.  I was prone to violence when she got me mad, or didn’t do what I told her to do.  I have been known to hit her, kick her and I have even chocked her on a few occasions, but each time she got on my nerves, so she deserved it.  It started on our wedding night, when I saw her sucking face with her cousin, who does that, so I smacked her around to get her back in line.

I grew up in an abusive house and my father always made sure that he kept power and control over my mom, so I figured that my behavior was normal.  I stopped hitting her after she got pregnant, but that lazy bitch loafed around the house all the time complaining about how much her feet and her back hurt her.  It took a lot of restraint for me to keep from going off on her during this time and my rage just continued to build.  After the kid came, I started beating her again, mostly because it made me feel good to know that she lived in fear of me.  This became a vicious cycle, one which I was not able to stop, even though I did feel bad after hitting her some times.

One day she called the cops on me and I was arrested after the police saw all of her bruises.  I had to spend a night in jail and get bail money from my brother the next day.  My wife changed all the locks on the house and when I told her to let me in, she responded by telling me to call her lawyer.  I lost my job after the news of my arrest got back to my boss.  My life was in the toilet and my spirit was being flushed into the sewer.  Everything became crazy as destiny caught up with me.

The ghost held out her outstretched hand which contained a bowl filled with a magical elixir and she told me that if I were able to repent for my sins and transform my life, that this potion would change the shadows that were currently plaguing me.  I shook my head and agreed, as I was too frightened to talk.  I drank from the bowl and the ghost shrank out of sight.   I woke up all full of sweat and found out that I was back in the present and it was Christmas morning.  I saw that my future would be bright ahead and I would never beat my wife again.

Written for Sue Vincent’s December 26, 2019 Thursday photo prompt – Offering.

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