Loud Mouth

I have always been on the loud side and in fact everyone in my family speaks loudly.  I don’t even realize that I am loud, unless somebody mentions it.  This all stems from my mother being born with one bad ear, as she wasn’t able to hear anything from her right ear and my family all learned to speak loud, so she would be able to hear us.  She was a twin and the doctor thought that her sister probably had her foot resting up against my mom’s ear and maybe that is how it got damaged.  The doctor actually tried to talk my grandparents into giving up their daughter, because he said that he could afford to provide better care for her, but they refused to give up their precious baby girl.

Written for Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday where the prompt is loud.

14 thoughts on “Loud Mouth

    1. The doctor had a lot of money and my grandparents had three other daughters, but the doctor was childless. They did consider his offer, because they knew he was a kind person and that he would be able to provide a good life foe my mom, but they could not go through with it.

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  1. What an incredible story. I imagine being the twin with the lead foot and how I would have cringed hearing how I’d damaged my sister in the womb. And I haven’t heard Shout for so long. Thanks for brightening my morning!

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    1. My aunt, my mom’s twin may be the kindest person that I ever knew. There is no proof that her being inside the same womb was the cause of the hearing damage, but I do think that she may have felt responsible anyway. She was very close with my mom and she always protected her sister. Have a great day Victoria.

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  2. I agree with Victoria, that is an incredible story, I’m so glad your grandparents declined, as you would have never known your aunt’s kindness. I do love me some Tears for Fears. I don’t have the album “Shout” is on but I have, “The Seeds of Love” which has some wonderful tunes on it.

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      1. Jim, it’s water under the bridge now, but dang, man, you should never have sold your Grateful Dead vinyl (and probably a lot of the other vinyl you had!) How many albums did they put out?

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      2. The Grateful Dead made over 200 albums including bootlegs, most of them were recorded live in concert. They also had more than two dozen singles and a number of videos. I guess I had about 150 albums ay one time, but the best thing about my stereo system was my speakers which I paid over $800 for. I just ordered two new CD;s for myself as a Christmas gift. I should get both of them on Monday and I really want to listen to Martin Scorsese presents The Blues.

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      3. Did one person buy the whole collection? That had to be worth a fortune. I want to get a nice stereo system together again, since I listen to music so much since retiring. Glad you bought yourself some music you wanted.

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