Somewhere Over the Rainbow

I could hear the raindrops tapping softly on my window, telling me to get out of bed.  I was dreaming about my dog who had wondered off and I was franticly searching for her.  I heard her barking and I tried desperately to find the source.  It was one of those dreams, that did not really make a lot of sense, as everything kept constantly changing.  I had her off her leash, but she was wearing her collar and when I got busy talking to these people, she scattered.  I can’t recall what we were talking about, but in my reckoning, it was not about anything important like the recent the Korean rocket test fire, or global warming.

When I did find my dog, she had a cat cornered and I knew that I had to oust her from there, as either one of them could be hurt.  Maybe they were just getting acquainted with each other and there was no reason for me to worry, but like the Gothic Greek giant my dog could be fierce at times and the last thing that I wanted was a lawsuit.  I noticed that the cat was in an agitated state, as the fence next to it began to vibrate, but then again it was old and full of rust and it looked like somebody had used a broom to prop it up.  I was able to grab my dog, put her leash back on and pull her away from the cat, but not before I slipped on the gravel and tore my pants which I was going to wear for the wedding.  At least I was not naked in this dream like the last time.  I was fully awake now and it was raining cats and dogs out there.

Written for Tyler M Deal 5 Words Prompt – Raindrops Scattered Vibrate Gravel Source, for Sheryl’s Daily Word Prompt – Oust, for Roger Shipp’s Daily Addictions prompt – State, for Matthew’s Daily Inkling Prompt – Test fire, for the Daily Spur prompt – Wedding, for FOWC with Fandango – Either, for December Writing Prompts – The Gothic Greek giant, for Ragtag Community – Reckoning, for Di’s Three Things Challenge prompt words – Prop Collar Rust and for Word of the Day Challenge Prompt – Naked.

9 thoughts on “Somewhere Over the Rainbow

  1. Think about what your dog symbolizes for you as far as feelings. Each noun in a dream is a symbol for a feeling. If you lay these symbols out a picture of what the message is from the dream world might jump out at you. Dreams are like word puzzles with a lot of puns in them.

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      1. There is a school of thought that believes dreams are “messages from home” and home will keep sending the message until you “get it.” You’re right though you will have more opportunities to get the message.

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