An Unlucky Day

1. Why is Friday the 13th considered bad luck?
The Knights Templar lost everything on this day.

2. What was The Nightmare Before Christmas really about?
It was about Freddy Krueger being attacked by Jason on Halloween.

3. Why is the last day of the work week called “Friday”?
Most people are fried after five days of work.

4. What is triskaidekaphobia?
I can’t understand why anyone would be afraid of a number, but then again, I was busted on Friday the thirteenth.

5. What’s the most frightening fact about today, Friday, December 13th?
That Donald Trump looks like Boris Johnson.

6. Why is Christmas always on December 25th?
Because years ago, people did not know how to read calendars.

7. What does legend say happens at midnight between Christmas Eve and Christmas Day?
The elves eat cookies while Santa is out delivering all the toys that they made.

8. Who or what is Krampus?
Twat did you say, I cunt hear you, as I have an infuction in my ear.

9. Who is Black Peter?
He is the boy who cried wolf too many times.

10. What punishment is in store for naughty children at Christmas?

Written for PCGuy’s Fibbing Friday.