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An ocean pool might appeal to bathers and swimmers who are bored with, or seeking alternatives to a more controlled swimming environment, being in a safe place that allows them to enjoy the waves and the water.  An ocean pool is a public seawater pool sited on a coast that allows waves to wash in to the pool.  Nature can create ocean pools from rock grottoes, but most are a blend of the natural environment and human efforts combining concrete and tile.  People enjoy swimming in ocean pools, because they crave the sensation of plunging into the ocean, feeling the waves breaking over their heads, but they also want a more ‘contained’ seaside swim that allows them the same elemental experience, but with the luxury of being able to touch the bottom and not have to worry about sharks.

If you are a poet, perhaps you would like to visit the Grotto della Poesia, in Salento, Italy, as the name translates to little cave of poetry.  Grotto della Poesia is a natural pool in the middle of cliffs and its walls are covered in ancient inscriptions.  Here you can leap from the limestone cliffs into the cool cyan water, then swim under the archway into the Adriatic Sea.  The majestic and compelling 100-foot-wide sinkhole is off the beaten path.  There is evidence of humans living here since the Bronze Age, and the site was originally used for the purpose of worship devoted to the god Taotor Andirabas.

The Poetry Cave is a natural swimming pool located in Roca Vecchia village, on the Adriatic Coast between the cities of Lecce and Otranto.  This complex system of galleries and elliptical caves was created millions of years ago, formed over time due to water erosion.  It attracts tourists from all over the world, with the same beauty and allure it had for people through the ages.  Legend has it that a beautiful princess used to bathe in the healthful waters of the sea cavern, and when word spread of her incomparable beauty, poets from all over southern Italy came in an attempt to court her and they wrote prose inspired by her.  Some wrote of nymphs, others of an oriental princess, and others of a gorgeous queen from the north, so this place eventually it became known as the Grotto of Poetry.

This unique geological marvel limestone pool, has crystal clear blue color waters and the sinkhole was formed when the roof of an underground cavern collapsed, giving it a circular shape.  The open-air pool is a scenic spot, that is considered to be one of the most beautiful natural pools in the world and a nice change from the usual beach.  You could enjoy a great day with a friend there if you don’t go during the tourist season, as it gets really crowded in the peak months of July and August.  The pool has a rock-hewn staircase that allows visitors to descend down into the pool, but the more intrepid swimmers, choose to jump down into the waters.

The story about the beautiful swimming princess intrigued me, but I was not able to find any more information on her and I still have 10 prompt words left, so I decided to tell her made up story.  The princess came upon the vacant pool one day when she was out riding her horse.  It was hot that day and the water looked inviting and it called out for her to jump in.  She told the water that she did not have a delta and the citizen who was traveling with her asked her who she was talking to and what was she talking about.  Princess Alexa told her servant Giovanni that the water had called out to her and the purpose of her response was to let the water know that she didn’t have anything with her to change into after she got wet.  She said that delta represented her not being able to change into something dry after her body got wet.

Giovanni said he would face away from her, so she could take all her clothes off and then enjoy a naked dip in the water.  Princess Alexa removed all of her clothing, walked down the stairway and slipped into the refreshing water.  Giovanni felt a bolt of electricity rush through his body knowing that the beautiful princess was totally naked and only a few feet away from him, but the last thing in the world that he wanted to do, was watch her swim while she was naked, as it was his sworn duty to protect her.  Alexa finished her swim, and as she exited the pool, she saw a strange man looking at her which made her freeze in her tracks.  The man looked at Giovanni and pointed his thumb up in the air to indicate that he liked what he was looking at.

Princess Alexa called out to Giovanni to throw her clothes down to her just as Giovanni unsheathed hid sword to scare the man away.  The man was still staring at the naked princess as Giovanni told him this was his final warning and that if he did not leave, he would attack him and since he was a trained swordsman, he probably would not live through that.  Giovanni got a real eyeful as he carefully handed the princess her cloths and she began to get dressed on the stairway.  She told Giovanni that he would have to tie her gown for her in the back, because she was not able to reach all the way around.  As she was still dressing, she asked what happened to the man and Giovanni said that he was going, going, gone forever.  Giovanni composed a poem dedicated to her beauty which she enjoyed, so she took him to her chambers.

I wrote the story about the swimming princess, in order to satisfy some prompts, but I think that someone out there could do a better job with this story or possibly writing a poem about the princess.  My challenge for you is to write a story or a poem ignoring the prompts and create a pingback to this post, so I can read it.

Written for Tyler M Deal 5 Words Prompt – Season Citizen Final Color Delta, for Sheryl’s Daily Word Prompt – Purpose, for Roger Shipp’s Daily Addictions prompt – Pool, for the Daily Spur prompt – Friend, for FOWC with Fandango – Live, for December Writing Prompts – Going, going, gone, for Ragtag Community – Vacant, for Di’s Three Things Challenge prompt words – Tie Thumb Electricity and for Word of the Day Challenge Prompt – Ocean.

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