Being Silly

1. What makes a hyena laugh?
You have to tickle their bellies.

2. What is Mrs. Claus’ Christian name?
Some sites say she is Mary Christmas and others report her name to be Anya, Carol, Gertrude, Jessica or Margaret, so take your pick.

3. What did little Jack Horner pull out of his pie?
The location of Jimmy Hoffa and Amelia Earhart.

4. Where will you find the brightest star?
Elvis Presley has left the building.

5. Which is the odd one out: feather, light, middle, heavy, dead
The feather because it can be light, middle, or heavy and it most certainly is dead.

6. What makes gas?
My ass, but I have been told that Uranus is also very gaseous.

7. Why do ants march?
Because they smell my gas.

8. What is a gaffer?
This term applies to a golfer who hits their golf balls really high up in the air and they get no distance because of that, so it is like a giraffe’s ass, high and stinky.

9. What is a polygon?
Shouldn’t this have been, “Where has Polly gone?”

10.Why have all my questions begun with the letter ‘W’?
Because none of my answers start that way.

Written for Di’s Fibbing Friday.

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