Everything Talking to Everything

I have a smart TV and a smart phone, but I have not made any progress moving toward a smart home yet.  The only thing that I use my smart TV for is watching Netflix and I hardly ever turn on my smart phone.  I have been thinking about getting the second-generation Echo Show which looks divinely delicious, as it basically gives you Alexa with a smart display, but it is pricy, selling for $169.99 at the moment.  I like the clock feature, but I could get that with the much cheaper Echo Show 5 at $49, or even the Echo Dot for $22.  I am in no hurry, so I can take my time to decide being the fastidious person that I am.  I don’t want to live inside a shell like a snail for the rest of my life, so I will try to decipher which device bests suits me, although the further behind I get, the bigger this task becomes.

Can Alexa do anything uplifting for me?  The new Amazon Show has an integrated smart home hub, which would allow me to connect smart bulbs, switches and other devices that use the ZigBee wireless protocol straight to this device without the need for another hub and this would allow me to join in on the smart home revolution.  I don’t have any smart cameras or doorbell and driveway sensors, but once I get used to the new device, maybe I can hook some things up to give me added security.  If I go out at night, I can have Alexa leave the lights on for me till I return.  I don’t plan on using the front-facing camera for video chats like Skype, but it is a nice feature.

It would be nice to have something that will let me see weather forecasts, create a shopping list, look at upcoming appointments in my calendar, browse a to-do list, or allow me to listen to my favorite music.  I probably will not take advantage of the Echo Show’s onboard Wi-Fi adapter to connect to my home network which would facilitate communication among devices like my desktop computer or my printer, but since my home has wired ethernet, I can plug a USB-to-ethernet adapter into its rear Micro-USB port and benefit from the reliability of that connection and its fast response.  Having a ZigBee smart home hub will allow me to say, “Alexa, discover my devices”, and the Echo Show will discover and set up all compatible devices so I can control them with my voice or manage them on-screen and then I could take pride in how smart I am.

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  1. I have 2 Amazon Fire tablets, and a Sony Google Home hub that came free with my wife’s phone. They are dotted around the house and used for Radio, music, and controlling lights, TV and a Ring video doorbell. The Fire tablets do not have very good quality sound but are useful in that they can be picked up from their docks and carried anywhere in the house or garden.

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    1. My cousin asked me what I wanted for Christmas and I told her an Echo Show 2nd Gen, but she won’t tell me what she wants. I think it would take a while to get used to all the things that it can do and I will probably never use it to its full potential, but it looks like a fun toy.

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      1. It does look fun to have all of that in one. I get paranoid on troubleshooting when something doesn’t work.
        I use to love troubleshooting…that is why I do what I do…but i’m losing the love of it the older I get.
        I’m sure one day I will want to get something like this.

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  2. I have found it helpful, but there again, I am disabled. Its main help is just in turning the bedroom light on and off, so I am not trying to manoeuvre around the bed in the dark. A smart switch adds some convenience – I can turn the kettle on whilst still in bed, while just the other day I bought a Spotify subscription. My hardware is straight wi-fi, no hub required. That was the cheapest option, and this started off as an experiment. I happen to have a Google device, but they are functionally equivalent. I do not have a display but do not miss it. I connect to wifi, though, in fact, if the wi-fi is down, nothing works, but that never happens. Everything else, except the Spotify subscription, was <$50, the lot.

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