The Shape I’m In

With My
Own Hands
Scurry Up The Frets
Hullabaloo Blasted To Amplifiers
Lost                                              Chord
Upper              Sound Hole                Bout
Dream                                  Bridge
Want                                           Music
Pliable                  Steel                  Strings
Lower                                                      Bout
Pink                   Floyd                   Breathe
The Heart Of Rock And Roll
Is In Cleveland

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Wordle Shape Poem, hosted by Yves where the prompts are Heart Poetry Want Carve Dream Breathe Lost Light Drip Scurry Bird Hullabaloo and my poem is supposed to take on the shape of a guitar.

18 thoughts on “The Shape I’m In

    1. Thanks Punam. This was my first attempt. I thought about the song and then I thought about a guitar, the rest was easy. I fit the prompt words in as best as I could and I am sure that anyone can do this once you work out a shape.

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  1. I’m glad I came back to tell you I love that song (and the whole Last Waltz), because this time I came to the blog instead of reading through the newsfeed. At the blog, the shape of the guitar is just right. It looks messed up in the newsfeed. Why do they have it set up this way? Anyway, that guitar rocks!

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    1. When Robbie Robertson wrote the lyrics for ‘The Shape I’m In’, he was thinking about keyboardist Richard Manuel who at the time in the summer of 1970 had become a hopeless alcoholic making it very difficult for the Band to carry on normally. “Out of nine lives, I spent seven,” he wrote. “Now, how in the world do you get to heaven?”

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