A Turkey Story

In the US, today is Thanksgiving and in the Adams family that always means stories about turkey.  It was always the same stories, usually told by my Dad while the family sat down and ate dinner.  The first story was always about the turkey that my mom cooked when they just got married.  They both got sick from the turkey stuffing that was left inside of the turkey overnight, when they ate it the next day, not knowing about salmonella.  A lesson learned that they never wanted to repeat.

The next story involves my sister’s German Schnauzer Rommel named after the German general in WWII, who got sick after he was given some turkey soup.  My mom always made turkey soup after Thanksgiving and it was two weeks after the holiday and she still had a bit left, so she asked my sister if she thought they her dog would like to have some turkey soup. I was out with my friends and when I got back, I heard about poor little Rommel having had to be taken to the veterinarian because he was laying on his back kicking his legs up in the air.  I felt bad for the little guy, because he was always a nice dog, but when I went up to my room, I saw a chewed-up baggie laying on the floor by my closet and I knew that Rommel had eaten up a bag of my weed.

Rommel had his stomach pumped out and he was better.  I told my brother what happened and he kept quiet about this for many years.  After about 20 years of hearing the same story, my brother the dirty rat bastard couldn’t take it any more and he told everyone that Rommel got sick from eating my weed, not from bad turkey soup.  The cat was out of the bag and my sister yelled at me for almost killing her dog and I lost a perfectly good bag of weed, but nobody felt bad for me.

Some years later my mom made her turkey soup again and she decided that she would take a batch over to my sister’s house which was only a mile away so her and her family could enjoy some.  My mom placed the turkey soup on the front seat of the car and as she made a left turn, she saw it was sliding off the seat.  She took both of her hands off of the steering wheel to save the soup, but she crashed the car into a ditch.  I will leave you with a Grateful Dead instrumental called ‘King Solomon’s Marbles; which is broken down into two parts ‘Stronger Than Dirt’ and ‘Milkin’ The Turkey’.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

8 thoughts on “A Turkey Story

  1. I think turkey soup needs to struck from any menu for The Adams Family. This video is what I imagine how a person on an LSD trip would see things. This song sounds suspiciously close to jazz fusion. Not bad.

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  2. Yea no more turkey soup at all. Where is that video from?

    I didn’t see any of these posts yesterday in my reader…I only saw one that I commented on yesterday.


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