Day Off

Jerry and Chad both got the day off because a sinkhole caused a cave in at the caisson where they were working.  Jerry said to Chad, “Hey buddy we should ameliorate this situation and go play a round of golf, as it looks like a nice day today.”  Chad pulled out a number and lit it up and said, “I just got a new water pipe that I want to try out and I thought that maybe we could just relax today, lay around and get a tan, as my withered arm is acting up again.”  Jerry said, “I am down with that, as long as you don’t cook any more of those fiery frankfurter fiascos.”

Chad said, “I am feeling a bit impish today, how about we go to that new club where the French girls dance with fire, as that should be a real kick and just the thing that we need to rouse us to enjoy ourselves.”  Jerry replied, “You are a 40-year-old man and you should start acting your age, especially with your wife about to go into labor any day now.”  Chad said, “I can’t help it that I have a flair for the mysterious things in life and you should be more elastic like I am.”  Jerry agreed with Chad and said, “I have that root canal operation scheduled for next week and it makes me scream every time that I have to bite on any food with that side of my mouth.  I have been on a juice, jello, applesauce and biscuit diet for two weeks now and I guess that has made me a bit cranky.”  Chad said, “Dude I am so jealous of you going to the dentist and getting to suck on that nitrous oxide vapor, I wish my dentist did that.

Written for Sheryl’s Daily Word Prompt – Ameliorate, for Roger Shipp’s Daily Addictions prompt – Number, for the Daily Spur prompt – Pipe, for FOWC with Fandango – Root, for November Writing Prompts – Fiery frankfurter fiascos, for Ragtag Community – Rouse, for Di’s Three Things Challenge prompt words – Biscuit Tan Age, for Word of the Day Challenge Prompt – Labor and for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Wordle #159 – Fire Cave In Flair Scream Impish Mysterious Withered Arm Elastic French Vapor Kick Caisson.

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      1. I get both shots and nitrous. My dentist uses it for any major work, but the new periodontist doesn’t use it at all 😦 My old periodontist really dosed me up. I miss those days!

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