All I have To Do Is Dream

I just checked my lottery tickets and it did not happen for me yet.  I am hoping that my dream comes true before my 50th class reunion, as I want to go back and relive my glory days in style.  I was not all that popular in my class, but I did have some friends, all of which I have lost touch with.  I went to my Junior Prom and my Senior Prom, but I never dated a girl that was in my class.  I didn’t get any class superlatives, like the most likely to succeed, or best looking, but I was told that I came in second place for the class clown vote.  I never participated in any school sports and I never joined any clubs and I never got involved with any activities, except the senior play and introducing a guy who was running for class president of the student council.  I did go on the senior trip and that was a lot of fun.  I was more popular with students that were younger than I am, but I won’t be invited to those reunions.

I guess it is not that big of a deal if I don’t win the lottery before my class reunion, as I don’t think that I will recognize all that many of my classmates anyway, especially if nobody is wearing nametags.  The only class reunion that I ever attended was the 15th and I got stuck at a table of strangers who I didn’t know and the funny thing was that they all got along better with my spouse than they did with me.  If I don’t go to this one, I am certain that I will never attend another, but if I do go, I don’t have any idea what I would be reminiscing about.  I will probably look at the list of people that are attending, before I make up my mind.

I am from the class of 71, so I probably have about 16 months before I need to hit the lottery.  I would love to pull up to the event in a big chauffer driven stretch limo and have a smoking hot high paid call girl on my arm.  I won’t be impressing anyone with my three unpublished books, but maybe I could take some dancing lessons and show off on the floor.  There is no need for me to impress any of these people, as I don’t care about any of them.

Written for Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday where the prompt is “dream”.

34 thoughts on “All I have To Do Is Dream

    1. Just because you didn’t get an offical invitation, doesn’t mean you’re not invited. They probably lost your address and don’t have a way of contacting you. Everyone is invited, that is why it is called a class reunion.

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  1. I joined the Air Force after graduation and my parents moved away. Out of sight out of mind. I reconnected with a few people from my class on Facebook, but we are not close. My class gets together often for group dinners for all those still living ‘at home’. I would wager most do not remember me at all. Hope you win the lottery, though!

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  2. I used to be very scientific about it. I wrote a random-number generator (because I didn’t trust theirs) they played those same numbers every week for two years. Nothing, not a penny. I have no idea what happened the week after I stopped playing!

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  3. Made me think of the Michelle and Romy’s movie? Actual title escapes me. Lisa Krudrow and Mira Sorvino headlined. A reunion could be fun … or not. Maybe if I wasn’t still sniffling. 😉

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    1. I tried to leave a comment on your post Jill, but it did not take. I said that I got strep throat from a hot tub when my head went below the water line. It was a painful experience, but the doctor gave me codeine which made the pain go away, but all I wanted to do was sleep. I did see Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion, which I thought was funny, because those girls were so stupid. I hope you get better soon.

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    1. There were bullies in my High School and this one guy on the football team used to punch me in my arm every time he saw me in the hallway. I learned his schedule and then I took alternate routes to get to class. years later this guy worked as a grave digger in the cemetery and I heard that he tried to commit suicide, funny how things turn out. Nice songs Willow.


      1. That’s a sad story, just shows he was lacking. I left school and never looked back. I have written about it…. I still have bad nightmares a feelings, I would cross the road to avoid a Nun . I have moved on though 💜💜🌹

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  4. Good luck with the lottery thing. My mister buys them, and the scratch off ones – sometimes he wins a little.
    I’ve never been to a class reunion, and never wanted to. Our 50th was this summer. 🙂

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  5. Class reunions can be strange. I’ve attended a couple and the most recent was better. I seems that as we get older, more of us recognize that there are more important things than popularity and material wealth. Some people don’t change, but some really do grow up. If I go again, I might approach it as sociological field observation. Also, just the fact that you finished writing three books is significant. How many people do that?

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  6. I went to my Husband’s class reunion. My oldest sister’s husband was in that class so she was there with her husband. My second sister was in that class, so she was there and then my sister right above me graduated early, so that was her class too… It was strange to have all 4 of us at the same reunion. I was the youngest of the 4 girls so when I got to Highschool and they did attendance on the first day of school I usually got asked, “How many more of you are at home ??? or do you have a sister named kay, liz ??

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  7. Good luck with the lottery…I buy maybe two tickets a year. When I graduated in 85 I looked around and told my friend…this is the way I’m remembering every one except the people I stay in touch with… never have gone to one…unlikely that I will change that.

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  8. I went to my 20th & 25th but haven’t attended since. I stay in touch with many of my classmates as many of them I’m related to. Small town in Texas! I may go back for my 40th in 2024. This song was came out right after I graduated high school. Perfect song choice!

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