She Was Not There

We met on the internet and we chatted all the time and then I decided to go and meet Dorcas.  I was in North Carolina and she lived in London and I knew that I should have just moved on, because this was not going to work out.  On the surface we seemed perfect for each other, with me being newly divorced and her having just broken it off with her boyfriend.  She worked as a secretary and I had just started a new job, but I told my boss that I wanted to take a week’s vacation and go on a holiday, which he approved.  If things worked out, she was going to return with me.  I booked a flight and she was going to meet me in Gatwick outside of the customs area.  My 8-hour flight actually took place over a 13 hour period, because London is 5 hours ahead.  I took off from Charlotte at 8 PM and landed in London at 9 AM.  I didn’t get much sleep on the flight and I was looking forward to getting some rest when I got to her place.  I was not sure if my cell phone would work in Great Briton, but I had her address and her home phone number and I figured I could always find her on the internet.

I was going to stay at her place and after all of the flirting we did with each other, I was really looking forward to this holiday.  Customs was crowded and the line was taking forever, but two hours after I landed, I was done.  I looked for Dorcas and I did not see her, and since my cell did not seem to be getting any reception, I went to a pay phone and called her number.  It went to her voice mail and I told her about the long line at customs and figured that she was on her way back to her place.  I thought it was a bit rude that she didn’t wait for me, but I didn’t make a big deal out of it.  I told her that I would be at her place soon.  I didn’t know my way around London, but I got some help from this guy who told me that it would be best for me to take a train and then get off at London Bridge Station and from there I could get a cab to take me the rest of the way.

I got into a cab and told the cab driver that I wanted to go to Huntingdon which is north of London and I asked him how much it would cost to get there.  He said that it was about 90 kilometers and it would cost about 130 £ and it would be cheaper for me to take a train.  I told him that I just got off a train and I went into the story about Dorcas not being at the airport for me and that I just wanted to relax as this was my holiday, so the price was fine.  He said that it was an hour drive and he asked me if I was hungry as it was lunch time.  He said that if I liked, he could show me around London and point out the sights to me and I said that sounds like fun.

We stopped at the Greenwich Observatory and we both had a sandwich, I had a beer and he drank a soda.  I picked up the tab because he seemed like a nice guy and he had real interesting stories.  After lunch we crossed the Tames and drove past the Eye of London, Trafalgar Square, Downing Street, Buckingham Palace and Big Ben.  An hour later we arrived at the address that Dorcas Robinson gave me.  He asked me if I needed help with my bags and I told him that I could manage and after I paid him, he said he would stick around just in case there were any problems.  I didn’t think that was necessary, but since I gave him a big tip I said it was fine.  I saw these two guys in the apartment complex and I asked them where apartment 909 was.  The one guy said that there were only 6 buildings here and that there was no 909.  The other guy made a joke and said that maybe I was looking for the one after 909.

I took out my cell phone and I showed them a picture of Dorcas and neither one of them recognized her.  The cab driver was watching all this and he asked me what I wanted to do, so I said I was real tired and I should probably check into a hotel and get some rest.  He knew a Holiday Inn that was near by and he took me there and I checked in.  I got some rest and then I turned my laptop on to see if Dorcas had sent me an email, but she did not contact me.  I wrote to her and told her what hotel I was at and that she had given me the wrong address.  I felt like Bob Dylan stuck inside of Huntingdon with the London Blues.

I called Dorcas at the number she gave me but it kept going to her machine and I was getting a bit worried about her, but mostly I was mad, as this holiday was not turning out as I had planned. Two days later I got an email from Dorcas saying that she was stuck in Nigeria and that she needed me to send her $400. I had sent her money before, so she could buy herself a new dress for her birthday and I also had flowers sent to her where she works, but I was not born yesterday and it felt like she was scamming me. I asked her why she didn’t meet me at the airport and why she was in Nigeria and she said that there was something wrong with her visa and she had to go there to straighten it out. I also told her that she gave me the wrong address and that all my calls were going to her voicemail.

She said that she was crying and I caved in and sent her money on Western Union.  I asked her when she was going to be back and she said as soon as her paperwork was fixed.  I told her that she was stupid for not planning this out better and I told her that she ruined my vacation.  I said coo, coo, ca-choo Dorcas Robinson this is the last time that I will ever send money to you and if we meet that is fine and if we don’t, I am OK with that.  There wasn’t much to do in Huntingdon, so I checked out of the Holiday Inn and went to London and checked into a Hilton.  I decided to enjoy myself and I never met Dorcas.

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Tale Weaver – #249 hosted by Michael – November 14 – Holiday.

26 thoughts on “She Was Not There

      1. When I used to fly to the US (mostly Newark, NJ iirc) it was from Gatwick, but a lot of flights do go from Heathrow. But they two airports are much of a muchness. Heathrow is a quicker journey into central London but that’s about it.

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  1. dont feel bad-they say in 2days society,the internet is how people meet-thats a lie!! ive been scamed so many times by women who feed on mens lonliness like bottom feeding catfish on the world wide web!!! you will meet someone on the bus or the sidewalk or the bar or church-every woman on the internet is a shark,believe me!!!

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  2. Jim I hope this is a fictional story. Little Flaim, you may have gotten burnt and be bitter but not every woman on the internet is a shark. Some are here to have fun by writing and socializing.

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      1. That’s really messed up, especially if you sent her money or goods and she knew you were planning on flying across an ocean to see her. At that point any decent person would have said, um, I might have been fibbing, please don’t waste your money. I’m sorry you got burned.

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      1. It is sad…but you know…there are worse places to be stranded at I guess…like Nigeria.
        It really is sad though because I know that has happened before.

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