Forever Young

Give it a try, you never know, you might like it. I wrote about this song and it already has 7 LIKES woohoo!  Check it out and see how much fun you can have writing in this exciting challenge.

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This song was originally recorded by Bob Dylan with The Band in November 1973 and it appeared on his album Planet Waves. There are two different versions of this song on Planet Waves a slow and a fast version. Dylan had four children between 1966-1969, and this song is a warmhearted wish that his children would have all the best in life, from making the right choices to having the right attitude and spiritual guidance and it was intended as an uplifting message from a parent to a child. It is a hopeful song that a loved one will maintain the wonder of a youthful heart, no matter their actual age. Dylan tells his child that he wants him to reach his fullest potential, to reach the stars but not without climbing on every rung along the way. Rod Stewart recorded his ‘Forever Young’ song that was released as a…

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