Playing Dress Up

My sister had the Barbie game when we were young and it was definitely a girl’s game and she wanted my brother and I to play it with her.  It probably was not easy for her being the only girl and after some coaxing from our parents my brother and I reluctantly decided to play.  My sister described it as an adventure game where we were supposed to find a date for the prom and then pick out our outfit for the party.  It was a board game played with dice and each player got a marker to move around the board.  There were SURPRISE game cards that contained instructions and suggestions on things to do and there was also fake money involved.  For some unknown reason I always ended up being Poindexter, the brainy smart one.  My brother was Ken the good looking one and my sister was Barbie the popular one and my sister’s best friend Lynn was Midge, Barbie’s best friend.

The game was really lame and I was required to sign up for school clubs, and earn pocket cash by working as a part time model and eventually make it to the prom.  My sister and her friend Lynn seemed to enjoy the game a lot especially the parts that I hated, like getting a date and choosing a formal dress.  There were not all that many games around for girls to play back in the early 60s that I can remember, other than the Game of Life and Aggravation.  I think that Barbie was a positive influence on girls allowing them to have dreams about having a career, owning their own house, car, having any type of clothing they desired, getting a boyfriend that they chose and being a success in anything they tried.

Written for Linda G Hill’s October 26, 2019 Stream of Consciousness Saturday where the prompt is “dress”.

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  1. This is a refreshing take on Barbie! Poor girl has taken a lot of heat about how she negatively impacts girls who aspire to her unrealistic body. Nice to think she had a positive influence too!

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  2. My sister is 8 years older than me so I never went through that…I agree with you about Barbie as a good influence because it wasn’t much for girls like you said.

    I will say. The one toy that girls had that I always kinda wanted but never would have admitted it was the Easy Bake Oven…I always thought that would have been cool to have and whip up something to eat on my own lol.

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  3. Oh such good memories of playing the Barbie game! It was our favorite, and we’d play it for hours. Sorry, but nobody wanted Poindexter for their date. haha – he probably turned out to be wildly successful later on, whereas Ken was just vain and a pretty face. 🙂

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  4. This post goes to show you how sheltered I was as a child-I’ve never even heard of the Barbie board game! I’m sure it would have taught me a lot about things I never thought of while going to school. My goal was just to get through, get out, and move away and that’s exactly what I did!
    I did have Barbie dolls though and the deal I made with my brother was that I would play “cars” with him if he played “dolls” with me! 😊

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