A Bird Pooped on My Car

You dirty bird with a brain the size of a pea, I will not mither about this, as the rain will probably wash it off.  You may have some brilliant colors and you can sing and fly and lay eggs, but that pooping has to stop.  I realize that birds serve a useful purpose, by eating up many pesky insects and you may even eat some snakes that slither on the ground.  When a sower sows seeds, some fall on the edge of a path and birds can eat that.  Some will fall on rocky ground so roots can’t grow, the plant may flower, but it will wither.  Birds are known to be meek and sometimes they will dither and maybe that prevents two of them from being killed with the same stone.

I hope you know that people are doing their best to protect birds and in 2007 the Bald Eagle was removed from the list of endangered species.  We are taking action to reduce bird deaths, by making windows more visible to prevent the precious birds from crashing into them.  We must get to the bottom of this to prevent any more species from becoming extinct and ascribe to doing the right thing for all the birds.  Birds are losing their habitats because man keeps on developing new housing, and we must break out of this bubble.  Natural disasters, and climate change are also not helping the bird population and this is enough to make me scream.

I just purchased a new spotting scope which should help me see the birds that are far away.  I plan to visit the Green Mountain Scenic Overlook and Trailhead at Lake Apopka where I can scour the park to find different birds.  There is a three-story tower that I will climb to get a better look.  I am a bit afraid of heights, so I will take a rope with me to make me feel more secure, as I don’t want to cower and scare the birds away.  I read that birds are actually much smarter than they are given credit for, as some birds that are able to talk are moving ahead with the new technology by activating Alexa and fooling Siri.

Written for Sheryl’s Daily Word Prompt – Ascribe, for Roger Shipp’s Daily Addictions prompt – Right, for the Daily Spur prompt – Brilliant, for FOWC with Fandango – Ahead, for Ragtag Community – Scream, for Di’s Three Things Challenge prompt words – Precious Bottom Meek, for Word of the Day Challenge Prompt – Bubble and for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Bonus Wordle Rhymes, hosted by Yves where the prompts are Mither Dither Wither Slither Scope Rope Hope Cower Tower Flower Scour Far.

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  1. One of my all-time favorite Beatle songs. Some say it’s about a Frank Sinatra interview…something he said in an article…some say it’s the Stones story. He never did explain that one.


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