My First Bralette

I became aware that I needed a bra when I was a tween as my bosoms started budding, but I was reluctant to take the leap into womanhood.  My dilemma was compounded by me being the only child of a single dad after my mom passed away.  I knew the basics of straps, cups, underwire and padding, but I was not into frilly things.  I wanted something that would hide my nipples, as the boys did seem to be looking differently at me and that made me feel insecure.  I knew that I was approaching puberty, as in Fifth Grade we learned about male and female body parts, pubic hair, menstruation, periods, erections, nocturnal emissions, hormones and all that awkward stuff, but lucky for me, I was not the first girl in my class to develop breasts.

Several of my friends were wearing bras and I decided to start looking at the different styles online to see what would work for me.  I didn’t want a training bra, as I remember when the boys found out that Susie was wearing a training bra, they asked her what kind of tricks she was going to be able to do with her tits.  I could probably use a sports bra, one that would be sturdy enough to minimize breast movement, and also alleviate discomfort, as I wanted to play soccer.  I knew that I was not ready for a cupped bra, a padded bra, a strapless bra, a pushup bra, or a wired bra yet, but the bralette looked interesting to me and I decided that is what I would shop for.  The bralettes seemed like a better alternative to me instead of going with the bra, being more comfortable because they are wire free and I didn’t need all that much support yet.  I wanted to be comfortable and have something that was less constricting, something that was not going to be too tight, because I didn’t want anything that would leave red marks or indentions in my skin.

I could wear the bralette as a layering piece offering me coverage if I wore a low-cut tank top, or a revealing blouse with open armholes, or a top with a deep V-neck.  If it was made of thick enough material, it would minimize the protrusion of my nipples under my clothing and that was important to me.  There were still plenty of decisions for me to make, as I wasn’t sure if I wanted one that was made from microfibre, lace or a cotton blend and there are also various styles and patterns that I needed to consider.  Another thing for me to decide was whether I should go with the front or back closure, or would a pull-on style work better for me.  I guess I also needed to consider what color would work best for me and if I should look at bralettes with flower or butterfly patterns on them and the more I learned, the more difficult I realized that this shopping was going to be.  I knew that shopping was going to be a big part of my life and in the future, I would be purchasing lingerie to make me look good and wearing undergarments like boyshorts and thongs that would empower me and make me feel like a sexy woman.

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Tale Weaver – #245 hosted by Michael – October 17 – Shopping.

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