Time Traveler Tool

I feel that I am an addressable person able to connect with others, although I do need to bleep out what they are saying sometimes.  I became a concrete music maker, because I liked to digitize the echos, noises, sounds et alia to irritate my frenemy.  I have always been a goof-off ever since the hyperon was thought to reside in a neutron star and for this reason my doctor prescribed immunoglobulin for me, however after my prescription ran out, I started to joypop it.  A side effect of this drug turned me into a klepto, however the tranquility of being on a golf course helped this condition, so I started working as a looper, but I had to quit because the mock turtleneck uniform made me feel all itchy.  I worked on a cure to relieve the itchiness and I ended up inventing a nerve agent that caused off-the wall, highly unusual symptoms that sometimes led to postorgasmic illness.  Drinking a lot of quinine water fixed this, but it produced an unwanted reverb in my ears and a desire to eat shawarma.  I began to undergo this androgen insensitivity syndrome known as testicular feminization and I was required to drink ultra-pasteurized oil from a V-6 engine which led to flatulence and everywhere I went, it sounded like I was sitting on a whoopee cushion.

Written for Linda G. Hill’s One-Liner Wednesday where I selected 23 words that first started being used in 1953 and these are: Addressable, bleep, concrete music, digitize, et alia, frenemy, goof-off, hyperon, immunoglobulin, joypop, klepto, looper, mock turtleneck, nerve agent, off-the wall, postorgasmic, quinine water, reverb, shawarma, testicular feminization, ultra-pasteurized, V-6 and whoopee cushion.

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