Balloon Art Convention

There is going to be a whole lot of balloon twisting and shaping going on this weekend at the Lanesborough London five-star hotel in Hyde Park this weekend, and we are likely to see all types of balloon animals.  The hotel features a vibrant night life bar, a magnificent club & spa, free WiFi and it has 24-hour butler service.  I booked us a luxurious suite and made reservations at the Michelin-starred Céleste restaurant, where I am going to order the beef Wellington.  I know that most people see balloon art as being squeaky and irritating, but I have been a balloon twister bending different shapes and creating my own special art my whole life.

The world of balloon art provides entertainment for parties and special events, but right now it is growing rapidly and I plan to make it pop as I take this to a whole new level with the only limit being the extent of my imagination.  I want to win first prize and get to drive home that new pink car that is parked out front.  Tomorrow I will create a giant love boat balloon and a tunnel of love balloon canal for it to sail down, using 250 balloons sculpted together.  The other balloon artists are welcome to place their balloon art in my tunnel of love and I hope it will be lined with dogs, rabbits, giraffes, monkeys and a moose or two.

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie NEKNEERAJ’s Photo Challenge #285.

8 thoughts on “Balloon Art Convention

      1. I just got long balloons. We had them around at one of my son’s early birthday parties. We had the air pump also. I think the secret is how much air to put in them.
        Popping them when people’s backs are turned is great!

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