New Kaleidoscopes

When you look into these tube-shaped kaleidoscopes with their conical ends, there’s no telling what objects you will see as the cylinder rotates.  Kaleidoscope technology has made a giant leap forward and these devices are no longer just toys for kids.  They take full advantage of the the new technologies of computer animation and digital creation.  They were designed to replace video games and they have the ability to tell some great stories that have a plot and contain adventure, danger, daring characters and they are very colorful.  The stories change each time you look into these devices.

The short fat one in the front with a picture of Davy Jones locker on one end and Atlantis on the other end is loaded with pirate legends and other underwater adventures.  The short thinner one in the middle that shows the twin peaks on one end and the evil eye on the other end is filled with horror stories and it is not for the faint of heart.  An FBI investigator is partnered with another Special Agent and these characters look into unsolved cases that usually involve mystical happenings.  The large one in the back with the devil on one end and fields that are alive with the sound of music on the other end contains the story about Robert Johnson going down to the crossroads and selling his soul for guitar skills and it also contains other tales of Blues legends that played the devil’s music.  New devices that include new stories will be coming out shortly, so stay tuned.

Written for Kira’s Sunday Scribbles weekly inspirational art piece.

7 thoughts on “New Kaleidoscopes

  1. I’ll take all you have! Robert Johnson…without him we might not have Clapton and a lot of those great British guitar players…at least not the way they ended up.

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